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Live Show & Holiday Party For 'Vivica's Black Magic,' Premiering January 4th

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Winter nights are known for being cold, unsexy things—but that changes in 2017 thanks to Vivica Fox. The actress, whose breakout role was as a stripper/exotic dancer in 1996’s Independence Day, is (sort of) going back to her roots with her newest part.

Fox is the brainchild and one of the star’s of a new Lifetime show, Vivica’s Black Magic. She tells HelloBeautiful that the eight-part series the “ultimate girls night out,” though to enjoy it, you never have to leave your couch. Instead women can tune in—alone or with friends—to watch as she launches her newest business venture, Black Magic, an exotic male revue featuring eight men with magical bodies.

Their goal is to get a residency in Las Vegas; viewers’ goals, Fox hopes, is to get through an episode without losing their minds at all of the skin on screen.

Think of it as the virtual way to make it rain. Or like Magic Mike with a majority Black cast—something which Fox, a strip club connoisseur, says is sorely needed in the male exotic dance world.

“When I went to Vegas and saw Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under, there was one token Black guy,” she tells us.

But this cast is an eye-candy crew, hailing from cities around the country and with nicknames like Bolo, Heat and Penetration. Most have backgrounds in exotic dance, but a few (including Alvester Martin who toured with Beyoncé) are trained dancers who Fox and choreographers had to encourage to sex it up for their new jobs.

Regardless of background, the Black Magic all have a few things in common. One, amazing abs, “He’s gotta keep it tight and right,” Fox explains. “I love being able to say, you might want to put down the carbs and do some cardio—things women have been hearing forever.”

And two, they all have what she calls the it factor. “It’s more than walking around with a six pack and a smile,” says Fox. “You have to do more than show up and do a stomach role. It’s about the allure of the fantasy.”

This fantasy airs in a prime TV slot, Wednesdays at 10pm on Lifetime. That means that viewers can watch Fox as Cookie’s sister Candace on Empire at 9:00, and then turn to Lifetime to see her as a self-described “head chick in charge, making boss moves” on Vivica’s Black Magic.

The series premieres Wednesday, January 4 at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Watch the trailer below.