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As Americans are still trying to come to terms with the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, tensions are still at an all-time high. And things are not calming down as the President-elect himself continues to fan the flames, along with his conservative supporters. One of the most vocal is Tomi Lahren, a talkshow hosts who is often trending on social media for her controversial opinions on everything from Black Lives Matter to Colin Kaepernick’s protest to Hillary Clinton. Lahren stopped by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to discuss those topics and much more—and it probably didn’t go as she had planned.

Noah demonstrated how to verbally annihilate someone without raising your voice, cursing or becoming aggressive. Some of the best parts of the nearly half-hour segment were those that found Lahren unable to answer simple questions Noah threw at her, such as why Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem bothers her so much. Another highlight was when Lahren attempted to reiterate her comparisons to Black Lives Matter and the KKK, which sent Noah into a tailspin as he calmly gave her the business.

As a result of this interview, both Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren were trending for most of the day on Twitter, with the video being shared across multiple social media platforms. However, all of the reaction to Noah’s takedown of Lahren wasn’t positive, as some critics felt he went too easy on her and wasn’t angry enough.

You can take a look at an extended clip of the interview BELOW and formulate your own opinion on the Noah vs. Lahren sit-down.


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