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Bianca (Young B of “Chicken Noodle Soup” fame) is back on Love and Hip Hop New York, and Yandy is her manager. It looks like they’ve been working (at least while the cameras are on). The episode opens with B performing at a showcase, but the real meat of the scene is to introduce Hot 97’s DJ Drewski, a new cast member and most likely, eventual Creep Squad representative. Yandy introduced the two of then, but the gag is, they actually go way back…if you know what I mean.


Drew has a girl (who we later on find out has a jealous side, and is aware of his past with Bianca), but he’s pushing up on B hard, trying to get that old thang back—aka, working on his Creep Squad application early!


Kimbella and Juelz Santana met up with Snoop and So Hood from Real Chance of Love J. Adrienne for lunch to pow wow. Basically, J picked Kimbella’s brain about how to handle groupies. In other words, J does not trust Snoop. Snoop says she has nothing to worry about, but that still remains to be seen. How many creeps have we seen on this series that started off with the illusion that they were faithful? Mmmhmmm.


In other creep news, Cardi B’s producer Swift is also vying for Creep Squad membership. He was in the studio with Cardi, who likes him, but is still trying to be faithful to her jailbird boo (and appears to be doing a bad job)—but little does she know, Swift got a girl, too. Cardi B posted a photo of herself with Swift on Instagram. Swift was hesitant to let her post it at first because he knows his girlfriend in London might “take it the wrong way.” Um…duh. Of course this is going to backfire! You know you can’t post flicks on IG without people speculating that there’s something deep going on!


Sofi Green is another new face in town. She’s a media personality from DC who you may have seen on MTV, and she has a podcast, but nowadays she’s working on her music…like every other chick on reality TV.


Sofi’s performing in her intro scene, and it looks like Rich Dollaz, Snoop, and DJ Self want to “manage” her. At the moment, she is feeling Snoop— and the feeling is mutual. Self got a little tight because Snoop’s game is on point. He felt like Snoop was poaching his artist. In fairness, he was the one who brought Sofi in the mix, but if Snoop got game then she got game and it’s time for the rest of the creeps to step it up.


Later on, Snoop stops by Sofi Green’s podcast to talk about her line of sex toys. Sofi is flirting with Snoop hard core (to the point of thirst-bucket city). Sofi claims she likes men in a weak attempt to act like she’s not actually flirting with Snoop, and then Snoop informs Sofi that she could turn her out (which is probably true given Sofi’s level of parchedness), before copping the, “I got a girl” plea…but, like, viewers ain’t stupid. We see where this is going. Right?


Not surprisingly, a photo from that encounter between Snoop and Sofi ends up on the gram (Sofi was feeding Snoop strawberries in the pic) and J saw it. J got pissed, packed her bags and threatened to move back to Chicago. Snoop just so happened to be coming in the house as J was on her way out and in a dramatic scene J questioned who the heck that Sofi was. Snoop talked her off the ledge and maintained that she wasn’t being shady, explained that she was “there for business,” and apologized. This ended with J staying right in that apartment and Snoop ends up leaving to blow off some steam.

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