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This is what a Trump America looks like.

Eight-year-old Jordan Jackson is hospitalized after he was pushed to the ground and assaulted outside of Spanish Lake Primary School in Geismar, Louisiana by a 13-year-old boy and his younger brother.

Jordan suffered a broken right arm and later was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.


According to Jordan’s uncle, Cris Colbert, the altercation started when the young boy was trying to protect his four-year-old sister J’Niaha. While Jordan and J’Niaha were waiting to be picked up from school, Jordan got in an argument with a classmate. The classmates friend then began flinging mulch at Jordan.

Jordan removed himself from the situation, then they began flinging mulch at his sister. He returned, which led a fourth grader to yell, “Go back to the cotton farm!”

Alana Jackson said her son told the boy, “That’s racist.” She admitted to having conversations about race and racism with her son, so he understood the undertones.

The fourth-grade white child responded, “Why do you think that’s racist? You need to go back to the cotton farm.” The 13-year-old white boy pushed Jordan down to the ground, calling him ‘baby.”


Source: digitalskillet / Getty

Jordan’s uncle said that Jordan was body slammed twice and pushed down to the ground many times during the attack.

Jordan’s mother, Alana Jackson, has a masters degree in education and works as a teacher. She will be leaving her role in the school district to homeschool her son full-time. Jordan is an honor student at his elementary school.

Since coming forward about the attack, she has received backlash from her colleagues and community.

The Ascension Parish School Board responded to the incident via Facebook, stating, “we take very seriously our responsibility to gather all factual information before determining our response. We are working with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office to fully investigate this matter and anticipate a resolution for all parties involved.”

The young children that were the bullies and attackers in this situation have yet to be disciplined; however, the supervisor for the sheriff’s office said they are looking into the incident.

You can support the family and help with Jordan’s medical expenses via their GoFundMe page, here.


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