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Part two of the Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood reunion is all about beef as usual. There was no resolution in 98% of the drama rehashed during last night’s episode, but then again, no resolution means more entertainment for the next season, so whatevs. Let’s get into the highlights:

Hazel and Masika Still Hate Each Other

Hazel and Masika’s beef is basically at on sight status. Nina Parker tried to get them to talk it out, but Masika wasn’t even really trying to rationalize with Hazel until she got an apology for Hazel talking trash about her daughter. What ended up happening was that Masika sat in the audience during this segment (she initially threatened to leave). Masika still questioned the song that Hazel says she did with Fetty Wap (saying that Hazel lied about Fetty being on it). Hazel said she doesn’t know Fetty, but they recorded separately. The conversation went in circles and got nowhere. Yawning at this whole thing.


Safaree is Entertaining AF

The fact that Safaree needs to come back next season became more apparent, more than ever last night. What came out of his segment was that he turns his Jafakan accent on and off, which is no surprise because he’s Jamerican. As far as he and Nikki go, it’s a wrap (yeah right). Nikki claims that Safaree needs to get his finances together before he can play with her in the big leagues so she’s all about Rosa Accosta. The thing is, he can’t be broke though, can he? He has co-written and/or ghostwritten and done production and hypeman duties for Nicki Minaj. Plus, the internets sasys his network is $2 millie. That’s not broke. Then again, Love and Hip-Hop is often where artists go when they need a pick me up, so who knows.

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Willie, Shanda and the Side Chick

Willie claimed that he was going to be 100% honest here, so his take on his cheating drama was that there was nothing between he and the Keyisha and that she’s not his ex, whatever.


Keyisha was there to stir up the pot again. She maintains her side of the story that they were boyfriend and girlfriend and that she took care of him and that they had an off and on relationship and that she was pregnant with his, baby and that she had text messages to prove it. Messy blogger Jason Lee said the texts he was sent weren’t even that scandalous. They suggested cheating, but not necessarily this deep relationship that Keyisha claims. Shanda said she believes that Willie did mess with her at some point, but she doesn’t believe the 12-year thing.

Well…the truth is somewhere in between, but we’ll never really know unless they really step it up and take lie detector tests, Maury-style.


P.S. Willie and Shanda are still married, but separated.

Brandi and Masika

Remember when Brandi busted up Masika’s studio session with Max and Brandi started making all these claims about Masika’s alleged hoeism? That came up again and went nowhere fast. Masika and Brandi still don’t like each other, but Moniece dropped a juicy bombshell that Brandi’s husband had a baby on her. There’s no proof of that being true, and Max denied it, but this situation probably isn’t over. This is the type of drama that Love and Hip-Hop cameras were made for. We’ll probably see and here more about this next season.

Lyrica and A1’s Marriage and Mama Drama

We re-watched the whole situation with Pam and Lyrica Sr, etc. The elopement came up and then the dead wrong but also hilarious waist trainer situation came up. In short, it seems like they’ve all gotten past the drama. This is the only situation where things were seemingly resolved between all beefing parties.

Teairra Mari’s Legal Drama

Remember Uber-gate? Her trial got pushed back so she doesn’t even know whether she’s going to jail or not. She’s up for battery and theft. This case is classified as a misdemeanor, which could carry up to a year in jail. Talk about a cliffhanger. Hopefully it works out for her and she really learns to keep her temper in check.


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