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*Editor’s note: This post displays language that can be perceived as triggering and offensive.

In the wake of the election and the countless acts of hate across the country that have followed, a new hashtag about people’s experiences with racism recently began trending on Twitter. On Friday, African-Americans and people of color first used #IWasFirstCalled to speak candidly about the racial harassment they have encountered and the crippling epitaphs they have been called while living in America.

And it was powerful.

According to the Huffington Post, the hashtag was started by their own political writer Julia Craven, who tweeted about the first time she was called the n-word.

“Considering the fear held by many people of color following Tuesday’s election results, I felt like I should use my platform to share their experiences and expose white folks to a pain they’ll never know,” Craven said. 

Soon after, other devastating stories began to trickle in:

And the fact that many of these stories date back to people’s childhood, speaks volumes:

And white allies were paying attention:

Sadly, racism isn’t going anywhere soon, but one can only hope that hashtags like this can help educate whites and provide support for those who continue to face racial oppression in the daily aspects of their lives.


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