The last few months for basketball star Derrick Rose have not been easy to say the least, largely due to the rape case which was being tried against him. In addition, the lead investigator on the case was found dead in her home, the apparent victim of a suicide. Now the trial has concluded, with Rose cleared of all charges.

Derrick Rose

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Derrick Rose and two of his friends were accused of gang raping a woman, but today (October 19), they were officially cleared of all charges. After the verdict was announced, some jurors were asking to take photos with Rose and smiling. It has also been reported that the judge was cracking jokes. These allegations are leading many to believe that Rose was cleared of the charges due to his celebrity status. TMZ has further details about what went down today in court.


Via TMZ:


Derrick Rose has WON his rape case — a jury has found the NBA superstar did NOT commit sexual battery against a woman in 2013 … and will not be liable for damages. 

The verdict was just announced in federal court in L.A. — where Rose and 2 friends have been on trial for the past couple of weeks for allegedly gang raping a woman. Rose and his 2 friends were found not liable on all 3 claims — trespassing, sexual battery and battery. 

As the verdict was read, the accuser and her legal team appeared somber—she had her head down as if she was praying. After each account, Rose’s legal team smiled and shook the hands of Derrick and his co-defendants. 

At press time, there has been no official statement from Derrick Rose discussing the outcome of the trial.


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