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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood begins with Nikki and Shanda kicking it while on their way to a yoga class. Shanda filled Nikki in about her drama with Willie and how she’s hiding their separation from the kids, and that she is still trying to figure out what she wants to do. Nikki filled Shanda in on her love triangle drama, yatta yatta. Next Brandi filled Max in on the drama with Moniece and Masika (by extension), so Max decided not to work with Masika.

Speaking of Masika, she mentioned that she and Fetty Wap are on good terms, and she’s also planning a listening party. Masika claimed that her listening party will be drama free—like she don’t know what show this is.


Princess Love went to go visit messy blogger Jason Lee to see if he had some dirt on her. Rumor has it, there’s a Moniece sex tape (as if sex tapes don’t come a penny a dozen). Jason confirmed that he could potentially arrange for Princess to get the tape, but he’s not thrilled that Princess is doing this on behalf of Brandi because she threw a drink on him in a fit of chihuahua rage once. The gag is, Brandi has to apologize to Jason for throwing a drink on him that one time in order for Princess to get that tape.

In too much plastic surgery news, Big Lyrica had the nerve to tell Little Lyrica that in order for her to let her beef with A1 go (re: the elopement), he has to pay for her to get liposuction.


Lyrica claims she’ll try to make this happen, because this is the greatest idea ever, with hopes that they’ll all be one big happy family one day. The big conversation is supposed to go down at A1 and Little Lyrica’s impending bbq.


Brandi ended up apologizing to Jason—and barking like a dog a la this scene in Coming to America, at Jason’s request—so we’re waiting to see what the result of that produces (as if crazy Moniece is going to care about a dang sex tape). Masika and Fetty Wap are no longer on good terms because he keeps reneging on his promises to see his child when he’s in town. They’re both subtweeting each other on social media (you remember that, right?). The fall out from all of the above will probably get picked up next week.

Cut to cookout time for Little Lyrica and A1. This is where we’re supposed to get A1’s final answer about Big Lyrica basically trying to extort them for her lipo money. You know this isn’t going to go well. Fast forward to the table scene. A1’s mom, Safaree, A1, Teairra Mari, Little Lyrica and Big Lyrica were trying to grub when Big Lyrica unleashed her ratchet, once again. She presented her plan for forgiveness contingent upon A1’s lipo money, but A1 had that handled. He presented her with a waist-trainer, as if that was gonna go well. Shots. Fired.


Big Lyrica got heated, so she told A1 to give it to his “fat a–“ momma. But like, why is she always starting with A1’s mom, though? Seriously, A1’s mom be minding her business, then here comes Big Lyrica always having something to say. Anyway, Momma A1 wasn’t with it and went off accordingly. These two well-over-middle-aged women got to arguing and almost throwing hands. Little Lyrica then got heated at A1 and started yelling at him for antagonizing her mom, claiming that the waist trainer was not called for, but…


Time out. Aren’t waist trainers reality chicks’ best friends? Why was this so disrespectful? I mean, A1 didn’t have to present it in front of everyone else, but it’s not like Big Lyrica is above stunting for the ‘Gram while rocking a waist trainer and hashtagging #whatwaist. You just wait. First comes the waist trainer, then the detox tea, but I digress.


Anyway, Big Lyrica is a bitter hater and she’s bringing her daughter down. Little Lyrica better get hip to game before she ends up divorced quicker that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

Next week we’ll probably get back to the whole Moniece sex tape situation. You know Princess and Brandi’s petty knows no bounds.


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