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If social media has taught us one thing, it’s that some celebrities have a lot of free time. So much so, that they write entire essays to complain or address petty, inconsequential issues. The latest celeb to show his arse, is the ever-attention seeking Benzino.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star called out Amber Rose last week, ahead of her annual SlutWalk, saying she was no role model and her walk was a pointless attempt to gain attention. “Thank God my 19-year-old daughter doesn’t follow this garbage,” he said in response to a post calling for models and artist for the event. “This sh*t needs to stop..”

The 32-year-old addressed Benzino head on: “One day someone will call your daughter a slut, hoe, whore etc, for no reason at all besides the fact that she’s beautiful, confidant, possibly if she wears something sexy and or God forbid she gets sexually assaulted..”

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Fast forward to Friday night— a week after the SlutWalk has ended, and Benzino is still picking a fight with Amber. Many believe the source of his anger has to do with his ex-fiancee, Althea Heart attended the SlutWalk with their baby son.

“You got to where you’re at sucking the right d*cks,” Benzino said in response to acknowledging his hate on her VH1 talk show. “And I’m not a hater, if that’s how you came up mama more power to you…but don’t reap the benefits and then cry about it when the public looks at you a certain way.” Adding that she was, “better off looking pretty and keeping her mouth shut.”

He also made a video (while driving his car), wrote a lengthier Instagram post, and screengrabbed comments by people against Amber’s character and work. “Amber Rose is a popular whore! Yall need to stop praising this slut, only other hoes like herself, like her,” one comment he posted said.



At that point, there really was no need for Amber to respond to this insanity.

But she did. “Oh @iambenzino I swear you are a true scholar and poet with your choice of words… I should know I’ve sucked the dicks of actual talented artists… I’m writing this for you to get more followers and of course give you all the attention your asking for. I mean, we’re Cape Verdean we need to stick together right? I know I’m just a dumb stripper but I would LOVE to invite you to come on an episode of the SECOND SEASON of the Amber Rose Show! Maybe you can perform something from your new album.”

Here’s the deal: Some people’s opinion of you will never change, no matter how much you try to convince them on social media. All the back and forth, on Amber’s end, is a waste of time. She knows the content of her character, why she’s doing the work that she’s doing, and who she’s aiming to help.

For those who don’t get down with her mission, they’re free to comment. But she is also free to ignore.

Hopefully this is the close of this trifling back and forth.


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