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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood opened on a sweet note, but ended with shenanigans (as usual). It began with Ray J being more proactive about wedding planning with Princess Love. He was a little too into it, though. His guest list included way too many people, even his dentist, but that opened up the floor for Princess to talk about her dysfunctional relationship with a lot of her relatives. She isn’t even sure her family will show up, especially her father. The only relative that she is sure of coming through is her paternal grandmother (who Ray J later surprised her with a visit while she shopped for wedding dresses).


Masika met up with Moniece after “rehearsal” for a “single” entitled, “Bad B—hes Do,” that’s probably never going to come out. Basically, Moniece told Masika that she dug up some embarrassing dirt on Brandi and plans to unveil it at her single release party, aka that girl so crazy that she’ll mess up her own event to get revenge.


The rest of the episode commences with boring stuff like Willie trying to get back in Shanda’s good graces with a corny date. She’s not ready to reconcile yet, so he moved out of their place so they both can have space. Nikki and Safaree rehashed their love triangle drama to their respective friends.


Cut to Moniece’s listening party, where she plans to expose Brandi—Mean Girls-style. Moniece hopped on the Mike and started dropping the tea. Basically, a woman named Becky—true story—was allegedly cheating with Brandi’s husband and Brandi allegedly did what she does. You know, she stalked them, hopped out of the bushes, attacked them and allegedly got herself arrested (this really isn’t tea, though, because we’ve seen Brandi behave this way a number of times). Moniece basically shared this info with the crowd (Brandi claimed the events of that night went differently). Princess tried to run up on Moniece on behalf of Brandi, but security broke it up. Eventually, Brandi and Princess just left, and the party continued. Moneice claimed she got what she wanted out of it—to get Brandi mad.

Meanwhile, everyone else is just watching like:


She could have come harder than that given the level of dramatics invovled, but whatever.

The funniest moment of the night was delivered to us via Safaree and Ray J. Basically, Safaree confronted Nikki while Ray J was sitting in a car outside the spot, with Soulja Boy, feeding him lines through a walkie talkie. It was hysterical, but also sad because Safaree was dead serious in repeating everything Ray J told him to say. Ray had Safaree talking wild reckless to Nikki and Nikki, while she didn’t like what was coming out of his mouth, didn’t even realize that everything Safaree was saying was totally out of character. Then, Nikki poured some piping hot tea of her own. Apparently, one of her girls claims to have messed with Safaree in Miami, so Nikki had the girl come out to confront him, but she presented it like she wanted a threesome, which added even more comedy. Safaree claimed he didn’t even know the chick. You already know, it didn’t go well and Safaree finally decided to fall back from Nikki. Ol’ cornball.


Next week, word on the street is, Moniece got a sex tape, so Brandi is gunning for revenge.


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