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A true best friend helps you break into your boyfriend’s house when he isn’t returning your text messages or phone calls, as witnessed last night on the premiere episode of Rob & Chyna.

In the weeks leading up to the premiere of highly anticipated reality show, we enjoyed lengthy pieces on Blac Chyna‘s rise to socialite fame, watched short and extended trailers for the series, and replayed the juicy viral clip of Chyna barking at fiancé Rob Kardashian, demanding to know, “Are you still texting other b*tches?”

And, go figure, the only Kardashian boy was indeed still texting other b*tches. Keep reading.

We had a bird’s-eye Instagram view of Chyna’s career. She ascended the social ladder and left behind, like yesterday’s pair of eyelashes, her days as a prominent stripper mentioned on Drake songs. She is now a businesswoman, glorified mother, and future Kardashian.

The Rob & Chyna show began with the couple getting us up to speed on their life and how they ultimately wound up together.

Chyna explained she met Rob at Kendall Jenner‘s sweet 16 party, while she was still dating her baby daddy, rapper Tyga. Chyna had been good friends with Kim Kardashian, solidified by their booty selfies.

According to Chyna, she began distancing herself from the family after her breakup with Tyga, who then began dating the youngest Kardashian/Jenner, Kylie.

Rob didn’t seem to care about how awkward a relationship with his sister’s boyfriend’s baby’s mother/ex-girlfriend would make Sunday dinner, so he persuaded Chyna for nearly a year before the socialite took the bait. Take that, “gold digger” rumors.

The beginning of Rob & Chyna starts off slow. Chyna is motivating Rob to exercise while they run up a hill together. They stop atop the rocky road for a kiss. Chyna challenges Rob to make it sexy and add some tongue. Rob reacts like a shy school boy. It’s cute — they’re clearly opposites.

Chyna, who is four months pregnant, visits the OB/GYN to find out the sex of her and Rob’s baby. Before they go inside the sonogram room, the lovebirds agree to keep it a secret so they can reveal it to the family later.

Rob had his heart set on a baby boy who could carry the Kardashian name. (As if the Kardashian name is going anywhere anytime soon, as noted by Scott Disick). And, of course, to share that father/son bond like he did with his dad. But Gawd had different plans and saw a little girl in Rob and Chyna’s future.

All was well until Rob broke their promise and told his mother the sex of the baby. Because … he is a mama’s boy, which we knew, but saw flat-out last night. Chyna was still in chill mode.

The lovey-dovey sh*t went out the window when Rob questioned Chyna about who had been calling her phone back to back. It is here where the episode takes a full weave swing of a turn.

Remember Keyshia Cole‘s song “I Should’ve Cheated?” (This was way before her “Heaven Sent Days”). The lyrics went something like this. ..

“I might as well have cheated on you/ As much as you accused me of cheating/ I might as well have lied to you/ As much as you accused me of lying.”

Girl. After Chyna realized Rob was questioning her because he must have been guilty of the actions himself, she questioned if he was still talking to other women.

Why can’t n*ggas ever do right? Clearly Rob has never dated about-that-life Black woman like Chyna. So what happened next? Chyna kicked Rob out of the house and to prove a point, he went MIA. So what does one do when her man goes MIA? She calls up her best friend and shows up at his doorstep. And when he doesn’t answer the door, she finds the spare key hidden in the landscaping.

Chyna went full-on concerned girlfriend (we don’t believe in the term “crazy girlfriend”). Given the circumstances surrounding Rob’s depression, which is tied to his weight-gain, not to mention she’s pregnant (and he just admitted to talking to other women), we think her unannounced check-up is warranted.

Out of options, Chyna played a trump card and visited his mother, whom she respectfully called Ms. Kris — a rule in the homes of Black in-laws everywhere.

Kris, dressed to the nines in her best Lemonade-inspired garment, gave Chyna pretty good advice, which included that she had to stop kicking him out. If Kris’ words of encouragement weren’t enough, Chyna’s nanny (who reminds us of a Big mama character) broke it down even deeper.

By the end of the episode, Chyna and Rob both realized they need to make some compromises and adjustments if they want this relationship to last forever.

We don’t know if they’ll make it down the aisle, but we can relate to the genuineness of trying to make a new relationship work despite being complete opposites. In layman’s term, relationships are hard as f*ck.

Lastly, we know what you’re thinking, Rob & Chyna is just another full of sh*t Kardashian show. But don’t get it twisted, Chyna is as real as it’s going to get on E!

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