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Tonight on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood

Max is still sorting out his rage over what Brandi did with the 27 stacks he gave her for their son. He’s so mad that stopped going home. He also lamented his problems to Ray J. Ray J, who is about to get married, is a little messed up because what Brandi did was a major violation of trust so now he’s looking at Princess with the side eye. It’s never too late to bust out with that pre-nup though. *Stares Sonja Noriwoodically.

Finally, we get introduced to Safaree, Nicki Minaj’s ex—who hates being referred to as Nicki Minaj’s ex—but like, how can you not go there? Anyway, Safaree ditched the East Coast to live the creep life in Cali. Apparently, he broke up with one Nicki to get with another one—yup, he and Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood Nikki got a thang going on. They seem to like each other a lot, but we know it ain’t real though. We know what show this is.


Maskia’s Fetty Wap story line is getting lots of life this season. At first we find her talking about how much of a deadbeat he was, but later on she had a meeting with him that seemed productive because they made peace. He was apologetic about being absent and said that he wants to be present in his daughter’s life. Masika still felt some type of way about the way he played her, but she is open to allowing him to be in their little girl’s life.

Brandi confronted Max at a strip club about the fact that he hadn’t been home since the money incident—because a strip club is the perfect place to discuss marriage drama. Anyway, Brandi still tried to explain why she didn’t use the $27k for their son and why she lied and Max was just looking at her like:


Brandi then started doing her usual fake tears routine (but without tears because, terrible acting) about how family comes first and how she meant well and Max did what he usually does when she gets like this. He walked out on her.



Masika’s water broke and in true dramatic fashion she’s hoping that Getty Wap can get to her in time from Jersey. Fast forward to when Masika checked in at the hospital. She labored for a long enough that Fetty Wap actually made it before the baby came and all seemed right with their dysfunctional world.

Back to Miss Nikki Baby. So, her story line this season will involve her love triangle between herself, Safaree and Rosa Acosta. This is the scene where we get introduced to her fling with Rosa. Neither Rosa nor Safaree knows about the other so for once on a Love and Hip-Hop franchise, it’s a woman being the creep in the situation.

The final scene of tonight’s episode was a dinner gone wrong. A1 called a dinner with his mom, Pam, Lyrica, and Lyrica’s mom, Lyrica, because he plans to give his fiancée, Lyrica, a new engagement ring. In his mind, this is going to be the dinner where they all get together and behave like adults. That didn’t happen. Out the gate, Mama Lyrica and Pam started bickering over a dang toast and then Mama Lyrica knocked some drinks off the table so Pam tried to pop off. A1 and Fiancée Lyrica were pissed because their moms act like Bébé’s kids. No ring was presented tonight, but rest assured, there will be more petty mama beef next week.


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