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This week’s episode of Power picked up from Tommy’s arse whooping by Milan’s goon’s last week. Milan decided to spare Tommy’s life, and it’s becoming clear that Milan might actually be starting to like Tommy and that he wants their business relationship to thrive beyond indentured servitude.

Ghost paid Tommy a visit once he got back home and informed him of the world of trouble they’re potentially in, because the feds’ found Lobos’ body. If the ish hits the fan and all roads leads to Angela, then they all go down. Later on, they caught up with one of Lobos’ goons to shake him down about who the inside fed was, but that didn’t work out because Tommy killed him in a rage. Dude started talking smack about killing his dog and you know how Tommy is with self-control. Ghost was pissed, but he did find a phone on the guy, so maybe that will work out some how.

Speaking of the feds, Greg and co were still trying to get Ruiz to rat out Ghost. So far, Ruiz still isn’t budging. Ghost eventually got a visit from one of the feds too. She questioned him about his relationship with Angela, claiming that he used her for info about Lobos’ whereabouts and told him that he’d get immunity if he turned her in. Ghost played it smooth—as usual—or dumb, because he pulled the, “Who’s Lobos?” card. But the feds play hardball too, so right now we’re basically watching an advanced chess match.


Angela met up with Tasha to inform her that Jamie’s alibi will hold up, but that Tommy better get his together. Right now it’s looking like Tommy is going to say he was at his mother’s house.

Meanwhile, Dre has been playing double agent, working at Truth while feeding Kanan info about Ghost. He has also been playing nanny for Tariq. One day, Kanan tagged along on one of Dre’s visits to pick up Tariq at basketball practice, made friends with him while playing hoops and managed to find out what school Tariq goes to. He literally pulled the wolf in sheep’s clothing bit.


Back at Truth, Tommy called a meeting with some of the top dealers in the city, including Ruiz, to introduce them to “the future” aka the new product they’ll be pushing. Ghost is pissed that they chose Truth for this meeting, but Milan gets what Milan wants—at least for now. Tommy informed them that he was going to teach them how to push the product in these streets. At first they weren’t keen to get on board, but Milan’s goons made an example of the one brave soul (the Korean boss) who spoke up and accused Tommy of killing his son (but that was really Ghost, though). In other words, he’s dead now and all the drug lords are on bored. Something about watching a man get slaughtered in front of you might have that effect, though.


Ghost freaked out about Tommy’s meeting being at the club and by the fact that Tommy is content with being compliant with Milan and once again looked like:

Later on, Tommy told Ghost to be cool because Milan was testing him to see how he was going to react. However, it’s clear that Milan is not only seducing Tommy, but he’s also trying to create another wedge between he and Ghost. He also plans to continue his reign of terror in Ghost’s life.

Milan stopped by the salon and threatened Tasha at closing time. Keisha, who was in the back, heard the whole conversation so now she knows what Tasha and Tommy have been up to. Keisha called Tasha out after Milan left. She is not with the illegal activity, but Tasha is in too deep and needs to keep up the front about wholesaling hair. Tasha confronted Ghost and told him that maybe he better just go along with Milan’s plan, but Ghost claims he has a plan for Milan. Ghost’s plan was to try to get Ruiz to go back to the feds to tell them that he’ll cooperate and he’ll give up Milan. Ghost will bow out of the game and Ruiz can get back on the game and get back on top again.

Cut to Tariq getting out of school. Kanan’s stalker self just so happened to be waiting outside and offered Tariq a ride and a drink and then took him on a tour of his dad’s old stomping grounds and told him about his pops’ d-boy ways.


Tommy and Ghost met up again and just before Tommy got in the car we see that he got a text from Milan telling him to take care of Tasha’s friend. Lawd no!


Later on, Tasha gave Keisha 500 stacks to look the other way, claiming it was to save her life. Keisha reluctantly took the money, but it was probably too late because Tommy creeped in the salon just after Tasha left. We didn’t see what happened yet, but it’s where this is going. Maybe by some miracle, Keisha won’t get got.

Ghost met up with Angela, who isn’t so gaga over him any more, and gave Angela the phone he got from Lobos’ goon. He wouldn’t tell Angela how he got it, which was probably a good thing because she was wearing a wire. Later on we find out that she was wearing the wire to get him to confess to sleeping with Tasha so that his alibi would be solidified. He didn’t confess to that either, so Angela got some video footage of Ghost at the hotel that weekend (which included Tasha and Ghost walking around holding hands looking like they should win an Oscar) that she showed Greg to try to convince him that Ghost was innocent. She played up the woman scorned situation hardcore to try to get some sympathy from Greg.


And then she and Greg had hate-sex. However, it’s not clear whether Angela was just acting or rebounding.

Back to Tariq and Kanan. They’re still hanging out and you’re probably screaming at the TV by now because Tariq is so desperate for older male attention that he’s not using his better judgment. Anyway, Kanan took him to the apartment of the anonymous old lady that he killed last week and was actually about to shoot Tariq in the head until Tariq started talking about how he hated his dad. That hate just saved his life because it changed up Kanan’s whole plan and now Tariq is a pawn.


Angela’s womanly charms didn’t work on Greg because the gag is, he texted his boss (Medina) saying he thinks Angela is working with St. Patrick and that perhaps they can get them both.

End scene…until next week.


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