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While Blackness drives culture and in a society that seems to celebrate Blackness only when it’s recreated on White bodies, it’s refreshing to have a campaign that’s focused on uplifting and placing Black girls in the forefront. Meet The Colored Girl Campaign.

The Colored Girl, as defined on their website, is “beautifully disrupting the status quo.” Founders Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth are empowering and uniting women through visual awareness and utilizing creative outlets.

Victory, a recording artist, and Tori, a wardrobe stylist, are challenging industry standards by creating beautiful initiatives using women of all ages, sexual orientation, religions, and more. It’s thrilling to see a project focused on bringing women that aren’t often placed in media (or placed in media in positive imaging) to the forefront.

Thus far, they have released beautiful photo projects, including Debut and Rebirth. Debut was the kick-off campaign and set the tone of the project, while Rebirth illustrates the Black woman reborn.

It will be exciting to see future projects, campaigns, and dialogues that are birthed from this melanin-focused company.

PHOTO CREDIT: Island Boi Photography, Instagram 


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