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This year’s Afropunk Fest (taking place this weekend) is sure to be another great event full of music, art, fashion, creativity, and an abundance of Black excellence. I’m here to make sure your hair is just as dope as the lineup of amazing artist performing. It’s very simple to take your hair to the next level with these great hairstyles. Here are three fun, fly, and funky hairstyles to wear at Afropunk Fest.

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Braided Updo

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more: Get you some braids, girl. Braids, specifically cornrows, are everything right now, and when you throw a cute design in there, they take the look up a notch. This look is so simple but will set your curly hair and Afros apart from the rest.

Part your hair from ear to ear. With the front section, you can either do anything from a twist/braid out, finger coils, or simply put it in a high ponytail and let your natural hair flourish. With the hair in the back, you want to do some cornrows going up toward the front in a cute design. This design is simple because you are adding two smaller braids in between the three bigger sections of braids to add a unique spin on your average straight cornrows. If you are wearing the front section in a ponytail, wrap the ends of the braids around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin. If you are wearing the front section out, bobby pin the ends of the braids under the hair in the front. As seen in picture, you can add a hair bow or accessory if you want to add more style to the look.


I live for a good headwrap. The fact that so many companies are emerging with amazing headwraps and scarfs to take these looks and fabrics to the next level is so dope. This look will have you ready to slay in no time. Some of my favorite brands are and because they have great prints. I love a big bow and it’s a quick and easy way to tie your headwrap.

Simply pull all your hair to the top of your head into a ponytail or bun. If your hair is on the shorter side, like mines, you can use bobby pins to secure the shorter pieces (don’t worry much about the sides because they will be covered by the headwrap) and a little extra added hair in the ponytail to help create this look. You will then wrap around the material and tie into a big bow just like you would tie your shoelaces — and voilà! You’re ready to slay.

Bantu Knot

If Khloe Kardashian can walk around with them (side eye) you can definitely rock this look with no hesitation. I know Bantu knots are usually used as a heat-free styling method in the natural-hair community, but a lot of women are taking it back to the 90s and rocking them out as a hairstyle and just like Brandy, I wanna be down.

This look can easily be done on the day of the event and there are so many ways you can rock it. Whether you just want to put a few knots in the front or on the side or rock a full head of them, you are going to wow the crowd. The key to making this hairstyle look fab is making neat parts and adding your own unique twist (try adding cornrows in between sections or adding a little weave to make the knots thicker). Making intersecting angled parts to create nice neat sections for each Bantu knot and using your favorite products to make sure they are sleek and precise will assure a dope style. If needed, you can secure the ends with a straight pin to make sure the knots don’t come loose when you are rocking out to the music.

Beauties, these hairstyles are sure to make you stand out at Afropunk. As always, if you try these looks please tag @AliciaFajardoHair and @HBSoBeautiful so I can see how you slay Afropunk.

PHOTO CREDIT: Danielle James, Getty, Instagram


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