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We’re in that mid-year hump! So far, 2009 might have been the most exhilarating year of your life or sadly it may have been one of the toughest and longest years yet. I think it’s time to celebrate no matter what happened so far, because I find that we are waaaaaay too hard on ourselves.

Could this be you?

”I didn’t get that client. I didn’t get that raise. I was suppose to loose 15lbs by May 31! I’m still single! My garage is still a junkyard fiasco!”

Should I go on? Of course not, this is not supposed to be a depressing entry. LOL

Hey, don’t beat yourself up too much for what you didn’t do and don’t jump right ahead into planning 2010 either. Take a moment and really think about what you DID get accomplished.

You guessed it. It’s pen and pad time! Try this 30 minute exercise.

It’s time to congratulate yourself for what you did accomplish! It can be as small as redecorating your home office or as huge as giving birth to a healthy baby.

Make a list of at least five things you can pat yourself on the back for accomplishing for the first half of 2009.

Whoa! You’re on a roll and have more than five? Well, don’t let me stop you! This is your time to toot your own horn and brag away. Write about each item and describe what you did, how you did it, and maybe how you might have overcome some obstacles that were in the way.

Spend a few minutes just writing what comes from your heart. Now when you’re done, enjoy the natural high you just gave yourself! Notice how you might have been smiling as you wrote, how good it felt. Revel in the moment and always remember to celebrate yourself and be grateful for what you did do.

How many of you have hired a new team member and never took them to a “welcome to the team” lunch? How many of you have a business and NEVER HAD A LAUNCH PARTY, never had an anniversary party? Something you might think of as trivial or a hassle is definitely worth celebrating. Those are monumental things you put on your calendars to do next year! It doesn’t have to be a huge gala. It could be just 10 people at a lounge spending a couple of hours together. Remember, parties are great for socializing and networking, but also branding and cultivating new business.

I asks some ladies of one of my networks,

“How Do You Celebrate Yourself or Your Business?”

Here’s what some members of The Give ‘n Take Network said…

“As a busy entrepreneur, one of my favorite ways to celebrate myself is to ‘unplug’ and ‘go green.’ I retreat into natural, rustic and wild environments and receive the gifts of Mother Nature. The feeling of the early morning air on my face and the sounds of the wild are centering and sobering…. A river walk (walking upstream, through an active river) is exhilarating and reconnects me with why I am so thankful. Hiking up in the mountains is challenging and rejuvenating…. In each of these activities, regulating the breath is the journey, the meditation and the healing. I emerge clear-headed, open-hearted and vibrantly alive.”

Cleaster Cotton ~ Artist, Photographer, Educator

“I honor myself with some combination of the following every month: massage, pedicure, manicure & facial at a salon or spa.

I also spend 30 minutes or more daily just spending time with myself. No TV, no music, no distractions. Just me with my thoughts. I check in with myself to see if my vision has changed, if I am in alignment with it, or if there is something inside I need to address. I tell myself daily how proud I am of me and that I am glad to know me.”

Rissa Long, Weight Loss Expert

“On a daily basis, I celebrate myself each morning with a luxuriating bath for at least 40 minutes with just the sounds of silence…. It is my Hour of Power and if I do not take it at the beginning of my day, I risk getting caught up in the trappings of my daily life, where distractions of all sorts are abound. During this time, I make it a point to thank my “higher power” for allowing me to awaken to another day.

Barbara Swygert, Realtor

“First thing in the morning before everyone awakes, I start my day off reading my daily meditation…. During the course of the day no matter the time and/or place when I’m really stressed, I close my eyes, put peppermint lotion on my hands, and breathe heavily. I’m truly looking forward to my birthday, because I celebrate the entire month. I cut back on some of my work, my husband always plans a party for me, and my girlfriends plan something for me every weekend of the month.”

Trenell A. McCauley

Virtual Assistant

I hope you’ll remember now to pat yourself on the back and celebrate! You’ve come a long way baby!

Own Your Power,


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