Now that Rapper T.I. is behind bars doing his one year bid, will the bonds of love between he and his mate Tiny ‘Tameka Cottle’ withstand the test of time?

According to the planets of Rapper T.I. and Tiny, this may not be a‘match made in heaven,’ but it is certainly a partnership built on, ‘Igot your back and you got mine!’ The relationship energies of T.I., a Libra, born 9/25/1980 and Tiny (Tameka Cottle,) a Cancer, born7/14/1975 suggest that these people are two very strong willed and dominate individuals in their own right! But, when looking at the quality of a relationship, the most important planets are the Moon, Venus and Mars representing the emotions, the expression of love and their passion for one another.

TI’s Moon, in the fiery warrior sign of Aries indicates that he is action oriented, he is full of energy, he is lead by his gut instincts, he can be hot tempered and not in the least afraid of defending himself, (this is where the guns come in!) And, in the arena of love, Aries is a highly passionate sign! Tiny’s Moon is very different from T.I.’s as it is in cool mental sign of Libra. This means she doesn’t do anything without knowing exactly what she is doing and why she is doing it! Her Moon is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and affection, and needs a compassionate partnership to keep her going!

In astrology their Moon’s are complimentary, meaning that they fulfill the needs of the other. This is a clear case of opposites attracting! T.I.’s Venus (the expresser of love) is in Leo. Leo is the sign of a king

and is ruled by the heart! This suggests that T.I. can be very generous with the person he loves and likes to be the one in charge, he will treat his mate as a queen as long as he feels that she is deserving.

Tiny’s Venus in the ‘workaholic’ sign of Virgo! Meaning that once she dedicates herself to someone she will work over time to make sure they’re happy! In terms of passion, T.I.’s Mars is in the sign of

seductive Scorpio and Tiny’s Mars is in the sign of Taurus, and another example of opposites attracting! There are no passion problems here!

All these examples are well and good, but it doesn’t answer the question of whether the stress of separation will make or break this partnership? A further look into the charts indicate that an intense contact between their Moon and the planet Saturn, (the planet of incarceration) suggest that time will only make this union stronger!

Not even steel bars can budge the connection between these two! So, might be on ‘lock down,’ but the heart of the woman you love is right there with you! See you when you get out!

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