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Tonight’s episode of Power episode 305 was a lot to digest. If you watched it then you probably let out a huge gasp once it was finally over. Ish is getting thick.


Tommy is still tripping, thinking Lobos ordered the hit on him and doesn’t realize it was Ghost who saved him. Meanwhile, Holly is still telling Tommy they can kill Ghost together, which makes us wonder what’s up with the Jamaican assassins Holly hired.

Lobos is freaking out because Michael, his inside fed, informed him that Ruiz might snitch. The problem is, Lobos can’t afford to have another witness killed. However, he’s scrambling to figure something out. He threatens to kill Michael for failing to protect him, but he also mentions the possibility of killing Ruiz’s daughter out of spite.

Joe warned James he spotted Ruiz back in town, which makes him think Angela didn’t have his back because she didn’t tell him (even though she didn’t find out until later).

Tommy’s mom, Kate, came over to his house and finally got to meet Holly. It was an interesting meeting, especially since Holly basically watched Tommy and his mom snort coke (which surprisingly weirded her out). Long story short, Kate isn’t a Holly fan. She caught a vibe she didn’t like and told Tommy to get rid of her.

Spoiler alert she is dead confirmed #powertv ghost n Tommy United

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Ruiz had a good lawyer and wasn’t being very cooperative about snitching at first, but Greg has a way with words so it looks like Ruiz might actually sing. Angela finally went to have a chat with Ghost about the seriousness of what’s going on. She was shocked he knew about Ruiz being back (she doesn’t know about Joe), and the tension was super thick. The trust was very thin between them because Angela is pretty much the reason why Nomar is dead — a point Ghost brought up. The feds are using Nomar’s death as a way to get charges to stick against Ruiz (remember, Angela hired Nomar to woo Ruiz’s daughter, which got him killed) because they got some incriminating evidence from the wire Nomar had on. Later on, Angela went to have a chat with Ruiz. She reminded him Ghost was the one who saved his life. Hopefully, he’ll think twice about snitching.

In the next scene, Dre arrives home only to find Kanan holding his daughter. Dre damn near comes to tears as Kanan threatens menacingly while holding his daughter near the window and chastises Dre for “failing him.” And we’re all like, OH LAWD NOOOO!


Dre said he’ll do anything Kanan wants for the sake of his daughter’s life (obviously), but hopefully Dre is smart enough to realize by now that Kanan only has Kanan’s back. Ghost is the team to be down with, but it never works out that easy, huh?


And now we get to the moment of truth — Ruiz’s deposition. During Ruiz’s interrogation, he stated he “doesn’t know the true identity of Ghost.” The feds tried to play the death penalty card for Nomar’s murder, once again, but here’s the thing, Nomar, a federal agent (and grown-ass man), had sex with Ruiz’s 14-year-old daughter. That’s another can of worms the feds don’t want to deal with. Ruiz agreed to give up Lobos, and that was it.

Tommy finally found out it was the Koreans who tried to kill him and suspected it was probably Ghost who saved his life. He decided he needed to go see Ghost to square things away, but Holly, looking like a deer in headlights, tried to convince him not to go anywhere since she knew the hit was about to go down.

Cut to the scene where Ghost is riding around with Tariq. They’ve begun mending their relationship and in this moment they were headed to a basketball game when they got rear-ended. Ghost got out of the car to handle the situation. Tariq put his headphones on in the meantime and that’s when you get the feeling and start to freak out like, “RICKYYYYYYYY.”


Cut back to Holly and Tommy arguing about him leaving. Holly finally tells Tommy that she already hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost and Tommy flips out.

Then we cut to the scene where the Jamaicans are out of their car, locked and loaded ready to lick shots. They’ve surrounded Ghost, who looks back to see Tariq with his headphones on, completely oblivious. But check this out, his bodyguards, the ones he forgot that he paid to follow him, came through, and handled the Jamaicans, all while Tariq was still blissfully lost in his music and didn’t even see or hear a thing related to his father’s shady double life.


Back at the Egan residence, Holly was taunting Tommy, claiming that now that Ghost is dead he has no one, but her. In a rage, Tommy straight choked Holly to death. You know Tommy can’t make a mess without someone cleaning it up, and we all know who that someone will be. Wait for it…

Anyway, let’s cut to the scene where Angela gets home to find Ghost spooked, and texting Andre. She gives him the good news that the Lobos case was over. The feds got enough from Ruiz to put him away for good (but this is Lobos, he still got pull in these streets). Jamie then showed Angela the separation papers he planned to serve Tasha.


He’s relieved, but little does he know, Kanan is loose.

Ghost heads to Tommy’s place, only to find Tommy sitting on the floor hugging his knees like a little lost child near Holly’s corpse. “Help me,” was the last thing we heard him say. And you know what, Ghost came to the rescue like the friend he has always been. He helped him dispose of Holly’s body, and remembered to give Tommy his grandmother’s ring back.


Both are sitting in the car, stoic but also in shock about the past few hours they’ve each had. Both came clean—Ghost about taking out the Koreans, and Tommy about what Holly did and what Lobos wanted him to do. They both decided that it’s time to kill Lobos. The bromance is back on folks!


Now let’s all collectively breathe because that was tense! It’s only going to get worse next week.


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