It’s a serious problem…we are always in a rush to the next meeting, finishing a major project, picking up the kids, cleaning, cooking…Have you become that Superwoman or Superman running on Energizer batteries?

Realize you aren’t perfect, you aren’t a machine. Humans are incapable of perfection, so stop beating yourself by working so hard. We sometimes feel guilty from just taking a 15 minute break from the daily grind. However, what most people don’t realize is that those “me time moments” allow you to recover and put your all into the rest of your day.

DO IT FOR YOURSELF! YOU DESERVE THOSE GUILT FREE MOMENTS. We need, recovery, reflection, goal assessment time, and the ability to say no! Here’s a check list to help you create some of your own “Me Time Rituals.”

1. Tap into yourself EVERY DAY: Meditate, pray, chant or say an affirmation…whatever works for you spiritually can serve as a great relaxation tool. Even if for just five minutes, make the effort!

2. Take energizing breaks. If time or money doesn’t permit you to take a full-fledged vacation, then escape to a location close to home for a weekend retreat. Make sure people call you only for an emergency.

3. Treat yourself to a day-spa for some pampering. A massage or facial will always do the trick! Can’t afford it? You can do it at home with some friends.

4. You can also do something as simple as going to your public library or book store. Browse the travel section, photography books or fiction. Peruse anything that lets your mind go on a mini-vacation.

5. Take a news fast and don’t read or watch the news for a day or two.

6. Take a walk in the park and bring a book and just relax. (Non-work related reading only guys!)

Don’t turn your focus away from what is truly important. Instead, learn to measure your success by the balance and happiness you achieve in your life on a whole. I wish you luck in achieving that life that you want and need!

Simone Kelly Brown, the passionate visionary behind Own Your Power Communications, encourages you to own your business and pursue a holistic lifestyle. Check her community out and connect with like-minds here:

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