Even when the cameras aren’t around, Karlie Redd is caught up in some mess. Always.

After a strange incident, the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star recently got herself a restraining order from a rapper.

As reported by TMZ, a gentleman by the name of Christopher Powe, aka Pharaoh, filed a report, saying he and Karlie had a lovers’ spat early Thursday in an Atlanta hotel room and she went nuts, threatening to tell people he raped her.

Allegedly, he left the room to loop hotel security into the drama, got back to the room, and realized she had left.

Despite fleeing the scene, Powe still filed a 200 yard-retraining order against the reality star.

TMZ adds that Karlie is claiming she caught him trying to take pictures of her sleeping and he’s only lying to cover it up. She will be back in court to fight the restraining order later this month.

Is this story surprising? No. But somewhere deep inside we hoped the ratchet behavior was just for TV. Guess not.



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