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It’s August, so for most parts of the country, heat and humidity are at an all-time high. Whether you are fresh out of the pool or need to keep your hair off your neck, a quick and easy hairstyle is needed in your arsenal of beauty looks.

To prepare for this, the Today show had Deepica Mutyala, their on-air beauty expert, showing quick and easy one-minute hairstyles for summer.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it was until she completely failed at doing a Black model’s hair. In her “before” photo you see Malyia’s beautiful hair in ringlets and curls.

Mutyala attempted to give her an effortless look with a one-minute “piled-up pony,” which is essentially a side ponytail. She struggles to put the model’s hair to one side and then leaves out her bangs, but has them fanned out. Basically, no Black woman would wear this hairstyle.

The host then said to the model, “It helps to be gorgeous, Malyia.”

Yes … because she looks absolutely crazy on national TV with that “who did it and ran” look.

Is anyone else sick of hairstylists, “beauty experts,” and makeup artists that are not “experts” or “professionals” at all, because they can only demonstrate their craft on select demographics?

Mutyala completely failed on this Black woman’s hair. Malyia, come to HelloLive!, and we’ll show you how to do a great hairstyle! Watch the entire hair mess below:


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