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When the disappointing and outrageous news broke today that all of the officers tried in the Freddie Gray murder case had been acquitted, most people were shocked, saddened, and disheartened by another injustice of a Black man being murdered with no one held accountable. However, it wasn’t just regular citizens who were highly upset, as celebrities also voiced their displeasure, with actor/activist Jesse Williams leading the way.

Never one to shy away from controversial topics or bite his tongue, Jesse took to his Twitter account to air his warranted frustrations about the latest development in the case. In a series of tweets, he also pointed out how the justice system continuously neglects to protect and serve those who need it most.

Check out Jesse’s tweets below:

Jesse wasn’t the only celebrity to express disappointment at the acquittal; DeRay McKesson, Solange Knowles, and Russell Simmons also tweeted out their feelings to their followers:




It’s encouraging to see celebrities with such huge platforms unafraid to speak up regarding the injustices that are currently plaguing this country. Here’s hoping that even more celebrities use their voices to stand up for what’s right and what matters.

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