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The last week has not been a pleasant one for gossip daytime talk show host Wendy Williams, and today she had to deal with the aftermath of her inflammatory and controversial statements regarding her opinion on HBCUs and the NAACP.

NewsOne Now host Roland Martin was one of Wendy Williams’ harshest critics last week when she stated that both the NAACP and HBCUs are institutions that make White people feel excluded and should perhaps be reevaluated and restructured.

The backlash from her comments was immediate and brutal, with Roland dedicating a segment on his TV One morning show to letting Wendy have it, all while offering educational insight in the process.

Fast forward to today, where Roland was a guest on The Wendy Williams Show to formally address her about her statements, as well as give her some information on both institutions.

After her show lost a sponsorship with Chevrolet as a result of her comments, perhaps Wendy was a little more willing to clear this up than she usually is when she says something outrageous.

In any event, Roland and Wendy had a very honest and adult conversation today about the topics that are currently at the center of this country’s turmoil, including police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here’s hoping Wendy will finally think twice before opening her mouth on such serious subjects to garner a reaction and will instead stick to the gossip and entertainment news she knows best.

You can check out the full video of Roland Martin and Wendy Williams below:

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