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It was a tumultuous week for all of America as we were confronted once again with the ugly face of racism.

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were gunned down by police in the same week, and in both fatal instances cameras were rolling.

While Castile’s demise was filmed by his girlfriend, a bystander recorded the final moments of Sterling’s life.

One social media user, who simply shared the video, is now in a firestorm of controversy after he was arrested.

Chris LeDay, who works as a technician at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, was reportedly detained after sharing the video on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

LeDay told Photography Is Not A Crime that police told him he was being held because he fit the description of a suspect wanted for battery. But after he was allegedly cuffed, he was informed he was actually arrested due to unpaid traffic tickets.

LeDay saw this as retaliation, telling the site the minor charges were brought against him as revenge for posting the video.

These allegations come amid tensions between cops and the community about our rights to record police interactions.

It was just revealed that Ramsey Orta, who filmed Eric Garner‘s chokehold, is headed to jail after pleading guilty to criminal possession of a weapon — a charge he was conveniently arrested for just a couple of weeks after recording Garner’s death.

At a time when cops claim their cameras just “fall off” during confrontations, such as the the case with Sterling, citizens are relying more and more on their own evidence to convict cops of misconduct.

But technology and cover-ups still stand in the way of justice. Apple recently secured a patent that will allow police (or concert venues) to disable the record function on devises when they are within range, according to The Guardian.

We hope that despite these intimidation tactics, we continue to courageously and safely get the evidence we need to bring criminals in blue to justice.

SOURCE: Photography Is Not A CrimeThe Guardian | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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