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To keep your body at optimal fleekness, you have to keep it active, and also nurture yourself while you’re at rest. Hello Beautiful is devoted to taking care of you so the best you can shine through.

These exercises, brought to you by personal trainer and wellness coach Indigo Simmonds, are designed for the woman who is on the go and needs a quick, efficient exercise.

The exercise ball targets your abs, arms, core, and upper body to get it right and tight. Incorporate this into your normal exercise routine and those trouble spots will start to disappear.

To complete this exercises, you’ll need a yoga mat, stability ball, and dumbbell.

Here’s how to get those abs snatched in three easy steps:

1. Hold the ball in front of you and gently roll the ball out until you feel yourself about to fall over.

2. When you can’t lean out anymore, proceed to pull the ball back, rolling it into your center.

3. You want to do three sets of at least 15v reps, while pausing for 30 seconds between each rep.

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