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The stories we read, the visuals we see, and the words we hear help shape our value and self-worth. The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” rings true in this day and age. Only 10 percent of all children’s books over the past two decades contain multicultural content. How can we expect our children to be what they can’t see?

Betty K. Bynum and her son, Joshua B. Drummond, are here to further encourage and uplift young Black men.

Betty released her award-winning book, I’m A Pretty Little Black Girl in 2013, and it’s part of her I’m A Girl! collection. Her books consistently spread a message to young Black women to have pride and confidence in their skin, their hair and themselves. The success of her books had people yearning for something to help support young Black men.

Instead of writing it herself, she employed her son, Joshua, a 19-year-old African-American young man, to co-write the book with her. That’s how I’m A Brilliant Little Black Boy was birthed. The book encourages young Black men to “be brilliant” and has motivated selfie-videos from Black celebrities, voicing the hashtag: #Bbrilliant.

The clip below shows Joshua discussing his movement and all the celebrity support he has received. We hear from Vin Diesel, Michael Ealy, Blair Underwood, and more, encouraging and blessing young Black men to “be brilliant.”

Whoa! Talk about speaking life into others.

You even have celebs like Samuel L. Jackson promoting the book on Twitter.

The book is illustrated by African-American illustrator Brian McGee, who has worked on projects for Disney, Mattel, the Cartoon Network, and more, and is currently the story board editor for the television series The Walking Dead.

The book is endorsed by Denzel and Pauletta Washington and is scheduled for release in September.

You can pre-order the book via, here.


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