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Kim Kardashian West wore a Fall 2016 Vivienne Westwood dress to accept her “Break The Internet” Award at the Webby’s on Monday evening. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians founder and star looked ah-mazing wearing the black dress, single strap Manolo Blahnik heels, no hair extensions and no jewelry.

Finally. Mrs. West, you are looking GREAT!

I’m not sure who the 35-year-old mom of two is constantly trying to keep up with (especially since everyone is trying to keep up with her and her famous tribe), but I am over the following looks:

  • Her onesies that she tries to pull off as jumpsuits. I think these might all be Yeezy gear. I understand. You are supporting your man, but don’t lie to us like this is fashion and that you would wear this get up if you were anything other than Mrs. West.
  • Long fur in warm weather. Girl, we said it’s 70 degrees outside…not 7.
  • Athleisure gone wrong. Throwing a fur coat over your yoga ensemble doesn’t make it athleisure. Wearing an Adidas jacket under your Juan Carlos Obando dress isn’t ‘fashion forward’ or mixing high-low…it’s a mess (like the Yeezy cardigan you utilized to pair the below look).
  • These Rihanna-esq ever changing hairstyles. Whether you are platinum blonde or rocking braids, you just look strange, not edgy. I’m not against a change up, but I think that you look best with your natural hair. You’re married to hip hop, you don’t have try and BE hip-hop. Leave that to the real Queen B…and I’m talking Lil’ Kim, our around the way, stylish girl from Brooklyn.
  • You called Mario a “lazy f*ck” for your makeup for the Webby’s via your Instagram. No lashes, no heavy contour, no overdone lip. He wasn’t lazy, he gave you a makeUNDER and a much-needed one. You don’t need all that excess, girl! You look great. Yasss for canning the contour for one evening. Go Mario!

This is the “Kim look” that I enjoy. You almost forget just how pretty she is when you are distracted by all the bells and whistles of desperation for relevance. I hope we get to see more of you like this during your time in Cannes! I must ask, did you sleep in your Vivienne Westwood dress to arrive in Cannes dolled up in style? Only you, Kim.

The Webby’s only allow five word acceptance speech and here were hers:

“Nude selfies till I die.”

Set the trends girl, don’t chase ’em.


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