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KFC, a popular fast-food chicken joint has released a new marketing campaign in Hong Kong on which it is offering edible, lickable, fingernail polish.

Why you ask? Anna Mugglestone, Director for Ogivly and Mather Group Hong Kong, reveals KFC created this nail polish “to remind the younger generation” of “the great taste and good times the brand stands for.”

McCormick & Company, who makes the spices for KFC, worked with them on this project.

The nail polish is offered in two flavors: Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy.

Mugglestone reveals that there has been “vast interest” in the polish and while this is currently only available for a limited time with this campaign, it could be mass produced and available in the second half of this year.

KFC is asking Hong Kong customers which “flavor do you choose?”

Original is actually a great look for spring while Hot & Spicy would translate well into Fall.

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