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I know reading this title may have you a little confused but that’s the same way I feel when I see this invisible wall dividing us by our hair types and textures. For far too long we allowed labels like good hair vs bad hair, and natural vs relaxed to determine how we view not only our hair but also our overall beauty. By now I’m sure you know I am not here for all of this segregation and hair shaming in our community. I want us all to come together and slay. I am giving you some hairstyles that are traditionally worn by naturalistas but will look just as good on women with relaxed hair.

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Just think of those knots Brandy used to rock in the 90’s, yup those are Bantu knots. This style is one that consists of continuously wrapping your hair in a twisting formation around its self (like you would a bun or a top knot) until you create a little knot. You may need to secure the end of your hair with a straight pin so it doesn’t unravel. This look on natural women creates voluminous, bouncy yet loose curls that I know my relaxed hair girls will love. In fact, most natural girls do this style on their hair once it is blown out because the straighter their hair is the longer and more defined the curls are.


At first, I didn’t want to include this style because I figured it was a no-brainer how cute and wavy your hair can look when you take out some braids. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken out my old braids or cornrows and didn’t want to wash away my beautiful wavy hairstyle, but my hair was far too dirty to just leave it as is. So instead I would use a braid out to style my relaxed hair sometimes in between touch ups. All you are going to do is individually braid or cornrow your hair (the bigger the braid the looser the wave) after it is freshly cleaned (you can do this look on wet or dry hair.) Be sure to use a light styling product on your hair and let the hair have enough time to set before taking the braids out (the longer you wait, the more defined the wave will be).


I’m sure you have heard this term used in the natural hair community as a way for women to style their hair using little to no heat or anything else that would be damaging to their natural tresses. But what you may not realize is, you need to protect your hair as well. Relaxed hair may be more sensitive to harsh ingredients and constant heat from your usual styling techniques. The harsh treatment from the chemicals can weaken your hair. Sometimes your hair just needs a break, and that’s what protective styles are for. Anything from an updo to cornrows to box braids or a full head sewed in weave can be used to give your hair a much need break. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a style you are using to protect your hair so you shouldn’t be excessively using harsh products( like gel and hairspray), heat, or anything that would tightly pull at your hair. Natural women have found many ways to look flawless while their hair is chilling and if relaxed hair girls take a tip out of their book we can all get in formation.

I hope these tips are going to inspire all women to broaden their horizon and not limit themselves to hairstyles that are traditionally used for their hair type. There is no need to feel like we are in secret societies and we can’t cross enemy lines to find out what’s best for your hair. We can learn so much from one another and we have to start by coming together, not letting labels divide us, and sharing our knowledge.

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