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Ayesha Curry

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The internet seems to have a love/hate relationship with Ayesha Curry and her wholesome image. After nearly breaking the internet for tweeting that she prefers to dress more modestly for her man, the 27-year-old has become a meme.

Following the Food Networks announcement that Mrs. Curry would be hosting her own cooking show, the internet has proceeded to create lighthearted food memes that make fun of Ayesha’s holier-than-thou beliefs.

Examples of the internet roasting include: “Today we’re going to make skinless chicken breast. I personally dont like bare breasts showing tho but it’s cool.” and “I like to marinade my breast and thighs in seasonings, not on Instagram like you skanks, no thanks”

In a new interview with Essence Magazine, Ayesha shared her disapproval of the memes.

“It just doesn’t make sense to me. I wonder why people are so hateful sometimes. I just don’t get it. I want people to know these memes aren’t coming from me and I didn’t endorse them” she began.

“I have a feeling whoever is making them is mostly men trying to pin women against each other and that’s something I don’t stand for, especially with us Black women. I just wish we could support each other a little bit more. I want everybody to succeed.”

Beauties, do you think Ayesha is overreacting? Should she just laugh and play along or should she ask her over 300K followers to stop the shenanigans?


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