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A day after Former President Bill Clinton took on Black Lives Matter supporters in the most disappointing and condescending way, he apologized for trying it, well sort of.

According to CNN, On Friday, Clinton, who is apparently still allowed to stump for his wife Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, addressed the situation at a rally in Eerie, Pennsylvania.

He said, “We see all these rallies interrupted by people who are angry. Now I like and believe in protests. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t ’cause I engaged in some when I was a kid but I never thought I should drown anyone else out.”

Clinton added, “And I confess maybe it’s just a sign of old age but It bothers me now when that happens. So I did something yesterday in Philadelphia I almost want to apologize for but I want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country.”


Obviously folks are not letting Clinton off the hook for this non-apology.

Michelle Alexander, the author of The New Jim Crow, said on her Facebook page, “Personally, I am not demanding an apology from Bill Clinton. Instead, I would like to say thank you. Thank you, Bill, for giving the nation a ten-minute tutorial on everything that was wrong (and apparently remains wrong) with the “New Democrats” and their approach to racial politics.”

Alicia Garza, co-founder of coining #BlackLivesMatter, wrote in a CNN op-ed piece that this incident should wake Black folks up about HRC as a viable Presidential candidate:

“Here’s the other contradiction that black voters should pay close attention to: There is currently a candidate talking out of both sides of her mouth about black people, black protest, and the things that are necessary for black lives to matter in this country. And here’s a really hard lump to swallow: Bill Clinton’s comments attempted to position Hillary Clinton as someone who has always worked for black lives to matter. Pinocchio’s nose has never grown so long.”

And obviously Twitter also had a lot to say as well:

As Hello Beautiful reported earlier, while stumping for HRC, Mr. Clinton had a testy 15-minute exchange with Black protesters where Clinton defended his wife and their questionable stances and policies, while making some potentially problematic statements and making sweeping generalizations about Black people and Black crime.

To a room that cheered his comments, Clinton told protestors who pressed them on his wife’s “superpredator” comments, “You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter” and “I’ll tell you another story about a place where black lives matter: Africa.”

After this debacle, HRC really needs to be like this with her husband.


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