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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to the beautiful country of Brazil. The best part about traveling for me is being able to experience a different country’s culture and way of life. I want to eat what the people eat (as long as someone explains what it is) and do what the people do (legally).

Now, if you’re heading to Brazil for the Olympics in August (our summer, their winter), you’ll want to make sure that you’re aware of the fashion culture. Brazil is one of those countries that marches to the beat of its own drum. They’re not really into trends. They like what they like!

Here are a few key style takeaways to keep in mind:

The Brazilian Cut Bikini

What I loved about this style was how it accentuates all body types. Don’t get me wrong, Brazil is known to be a surgically curve enhancing country. However, there were a lot of natural (or so I thought) women who looked great rocking the Brazilian Cut.

Bold Colors

Take a look at the Brazilian flag, a quick walk around the city and you’ll see that the country is full of color inspiration. Graffiti wall art runs rampant and the favelas and various buildings are painted in different colors to provide the bold color story that is used in Brazilian fashion.


Photo Credit: The Werk! Place

Casual/Beach Attire

Because Brazil is surrounded by beaches, it promotes a very relaxed and casual focused attire. Colorful sarongs that doubled as beach blankets were readily available.


Shoot me but I wasn’t clued into the popularity of the Haviana flip flop. In case you’re unaware, they’re a big deal. Havaianas are a Brazilian brand of colorful rubber flip-flops. Everyone owns a pair and wears them frequently.


The beaches are full of great accessories and the coconut for me was one that served dual purposes. It looks great in photos and is very hydrating during those high heat and high humidity Brazilian days. Coconut water is the second purest form of water. It’s low in calories, naturally fat-free and has more potassium than four bananas.

Photo Credit: The Werk! Place

All in all, the most important take away from my time in Brazil:

Skin is IN!

Brazilian fashion is very skin focused. Regardless of the size, all skin exposure is welcome in Brazil. They truly embody the essence of being “comfortable in their own skin”. Your body is the one thing you will have with you for as long as you live. Love it! Relish in it! Get comfortable with it!

Photo Credit: Elton Anderson


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