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Politician Investigated For Allegedly Spending Campaign Money On Video Games

The Federal Election Commission may audit Representative Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine after finding nearly $1,500 in video games listed on his campaign finance disclosure for 2015 year-end. The Steam Games purchases included the notation “personal expense — to be paid back” and no such arrangement has been made at the time of the report. According to Hunter’s spokesman, Joe Kasper, the congressman’s teenage son used his credit card for one game and the subsequent charges (68 in total) were unauthorized. “There won’t be any paying anything back there, pending the outcome of the fraud investigation, depending on how long that takes,” said Kasper. According to the House Ethics Committee website, under no circumstances should campaign funds ever be debited for personal use. The election commission has given the congressman until May 9 to explain his expenses and reimburse the campaign fund. San Diego Tribune

Uber Settles Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Popular ride sharing app, Uber has to refrain from advertising it’s services as the “safest ride on the road”. The company has also been barred from claiming that their background check process meets “the gold standard”. The inability to use those phrases came as a result of a $25 million lawsuit filed by two California district attorneys that claimed the company inaccurately led its customers to believe that they conducted thorough background checks. Unlike taxi cab drivers, Uber drivers can misrepresent their criminal history because the company does not keep their employees fingerprints on file. As another term of the settlement, Uber can not charge passengers an additional fee for airport pickups without also paying the airport. The company, which is worth $60 billion agreed to pay $10M and the other $15M will be waived within the next two years as long as Uber doesn’t breach the terms of the settlement. Engadget

Model Banned From Ad For Being Too Skinny

Luxury retail brand Gucci has been reprimanded by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which regulates media across The United Kingdom. Due too complaints that Gucci featured “unhealthily thin” models in their latest ad, the photos have been banned from certain media outlets and the ASA had the brand remove a clip of the thin model from their video campaign. “The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told Guccio Gucci SpA to ensure that the images in their ads were prepared responsibly” said the ASA on their website. Gucci complied with the request while also releasing a statement in responding to the ASA. The brand claims the ad was “aimed at an older, sophisticated audience.”

Teacher Admits To Sending Nude Photos To Middle Schooler

Unfortunately, illicit teacher/student relationships aren’t a new phenomenon, however, the ways in which the illegal communications take place are simply evolving. Reportedly, Kylie Modisette, 28, a teacher at Huntington Independent School District in TX, admitted to sending nude photos to a student via the social media app Snapchat. The student who was in middle school at the time the photos were sent, is now in high school. Supposedly he’s since deleted the images off his phone but he allowed his friends to take screenshots of the explicit pics. Modisette was charged with misdemeanor distribution of harmful material to a minor and released on a $1,500 bond. She’s been placed on leave pending an ongoing investigation. NY Daily News


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