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On Wednesday morning, the Twitterverse erupted after a video of Iggy Azalea‘s fiancé, LA Laker, Nick Young openly admitting to cheating surfaced on the world wide web.

Reportedly, the video made its rounds on social media last week after being recorded and allegedly leaked by his teammate D’Angelo Russell. Throughout the course of the video, Russell inquires about Young’s affairs with women outside of his relationship with Iggy; particularly a 19-year-old who Young describes as an “after the club” rendezvous.

In the video, Young was unaware that he was being recorded and was presumably having “guy talk” with his fellow teammate:

Russell grows even more inquisitive towards the end of the video asking Young if he’s ever pursued Amber Rose to which he replies: “Nah. She knows my girl.”

Yet, the most interesting aspect of this entire messy situation has been the public’s overall response.

As I eagerly scrolled through my Twitter timeline to find the video this morning, I came across a series of tweets bashing Russell for being a “snitch” among other things:

While I don’t condone Russell’s actions and feel invasion of one’s privacy is a complete violation of trust, I am more so concerned that Nick Young’s infidelity is seemingly excusable in light of how it was revealed.

Let us not forget that merely two days ago R&B singer Kehlani was at the center of a similar cheating scandal and wasn’t afforded the same luxury or room for innocence. In the same instance as Young, Kehlani’s private matters unraveled on social media after her ex-boyfriend, PartyNextDoor, posted a photo of her hand on his Instagram page along with an eyebrow-raising caption:

The Internet (more so, the men of Twitter and Instagram) wasted no time in slamming the budding artist for being a “hoe”, under the assumption that she was involved with PartyNextDoor while still in a relationship with NBA baller, Kyrie Irving.

There was no room for doubt when it came to crucifying Kehlani. The idea that perhaps the photo was taken without her consent or even was outdated wasn’t even up for question. ‘Kehlani doesn’t uphold the standard of Ayesha Curry, therefore she’s a slut’ was the logic I continued to come across as her name trended for several hours on Twitter.

However, in the case of Young somehow the nonchalant nature of his infidelity was swept under the rug because his teammate broke “guy code.”

Can someone please explain to me when invasion of privacy was more appalling than openly being a cheater?

A cheater who chose to lay with a woman ten years younger than him after a night of partying, instead of being with his soon-to-be wife, who is, for most men, ideal. Where’s the shame? Where’s the outrage?

Are we accepting of such behavior because of Young’s chosen profession? Are we as women expected to settle for a cheating spouse because he has more zeros in the bank than we can count or is adored by millions for his ability to dribble a basketball?

I think not.

Cheating is disgraceful, especially when those guilty of infidelity have no remorse for their actions. Yes, I understand Young was under the impression that he was talking in private with a teammate, but must I remind you how far that got Donald Sterling?

Furthermore, infidelity when carried out by a man or a woman is wrong. Bottom line. I don’t know when or where our wires got crossed over the matter, but I’m sick of it. We must all be held accountable for our actions and OWN IT.

To hell with double standards.


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