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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Two

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After a four-month hiatus, Empire is finally back this week with their midseason premiere. So buckle up your Prada belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride in the Maybach with Cookie and Company as they dart in and out of drama, betrayal, greed and maybe some murder.

You ready?


Empire isn’t a polite little drama like Downton Abby, it’s in your face and loud with lots of hot sauce for added spice (as it should be, its a show about a Black family and their influential hip-hop record label.) The second half of the season follows in those same footsteps as the Lyon family tries to do what they do best—conquer the music world and look good doing it.

Here’s what you can expect during “Death Will Have its Day” and later this season.

  • Lyon vs. Lyon

As usual, the familial backstabbing is at all-time high. Tensions were already through the roof, especially since Lucious and Jamal were both nominated for Song of the Years at the ASA’s. Not to mention Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) was the final vote to fire Lucious from the very company he built from scratch. Now it belongs to the ruthless Camilla (Naomi Campbell), thanks to Mimi’s shenanigans. All of this will definitely play out for the rest of the season as the family clashes and seeks revenge on one another.

  • Queen Cookie and King Luscious

Normally at each other’s throats, Cookie and Lucious form an allegiance to help Lucious regain his power and for the family to reunite (if that’s even possible at this point). While Lucious wants to take things into his own hands, Cookie wants to handle Hakeem her way. Looks like Hakeem is about to get a dose of tough love from his Mama and a broom thrown at him too.

  • Hakeem’s caught in Camilla’s web

We already know that Camilla is quite the opportunist, hence how she got her grubby supermodel hands on Empire Records in the first place. But as Hakeem and her revisit their past relationship, maybe we’ll see that she does have real feelings for him, but given her past behavior and her telling someone “kill him” in the trailer, we strongly doubt it.

  • What happened to Rhonda?

When we last left off, a very pregnant Rhonda Lyon (Kaitlin Doubleday) was pushed down a grandiose flight of steps. Did she make it? Did the baby make it? Given the teaser of Andre (Trai Byers) breaking down in grief, we know someone didn’t pull through. Doubleday recently told TV Line that Rhonda remembers who pushed her and that it might not have been Anika (Grace Gealey). She also plans on confronting who did it too.

Plus: Andre isn’t feeling Lucious’ lawyer Thirsty, Jamal’s (Jussie Smollet) career continues to soar and there is a new spring soundtrack for the show too.


Clearly the men of Empire can give you all the feels. So can the guest stars, i.e. Adam Rodriquez.

Not to mention, the ladies are just stunning too.


With all this drama? Most def. Either tequila with no chaser or a glass of chilled Moscato.


Yes, there were complaints that the first half of season 2 had too many guest stars, celebrity cameos and unnecessary storylines, hence the slip in ratings. But, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water here. Empire is STILL worth watching because there’s a heck of a lot magic left. Hopefully, in order to satisfy our appetites, Lee Daniels and his writing team will deliver that same amazing mix of twisty turns, lust, betrayal and music that roped many folks into season 1.

And with that, we leave you with this:


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