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Premiere Of VH1's 'Hit The Floor' Season 3 - Arrivals

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This is the episode of Hit the Floor where ish gets really real. We pick up this week with German in the hospital after getting shanked by Olivia’s ex-husband, Raquel is dying and in a hospice due to her terminal heart condition, Oscar is out of jail and about to shake things up, and there is generally a lot of trouble afoot.

However, in a miraculous moment, Derek visited German in the hospital and they actually had a civil talk. German begged Derek to hand him some scissors so he could kill himself. Derek refused, and told German that him killing himself would hurt Ahsha, and it’s his job to protect Ahsha now. German gave Derek the blessing to protect Ahsha, and on that note, Derek left, but it still seemed as if German was determined to get a hold of those scissors he wanted, for a moment, yet in the end he decided not take his life and faced his jail time after healing from his wounds.

In other news, Jelena and Terrence’s efforts to buy the team have failed. The powers that be decided to give it to Oscar instead. Now Jelena, Terrence, Sloane, Peter, Jude and Lionel are concerned because there’s no telling what Oscar will do. However, Oscar, during a sit down with Jelena and Terrence, told them that he wants to wipe the slate clean, but as a token of good will, he wants them to sell him the arena. Jelena says they can’t call a truce without something to bring to the table…so that’s a no on the arena. She drives a hard bargain, and rightfully so in this case. Oscar left them on that note, but not before saying, “Welcome Home.” That was probably a veiled threat, though. You know that man has something in his bag of tricks.

In the saddest moment of the episode, the Devil Girls gave Raquel a private modern dance, dressed in white, in an outdoor field, as a tribute to her life, and it was beautiful that she was able to watch it and enjoy. They ended their routine with an emotional moment filled with a group hug.

Shortly after that, Raquel was back in the hospital chatting with Ahsha when she collapsed on to the bed and that was when we knew that things had gotten really bad. By this point, more people came to visit. Jelena and Raquel had a solo moment reminiscing about the last time they were in the hospital together being when Jelena was coaching Raquel through the birth of her son. Raquel apologized for not being able to be there for when Jelena does have kids, not knowing her situation, so of course Jelena revealed to Raquel that there’s a conversation that she needs to have with Terrence, but she’s afraid to have it (it’s the fertility news, but she’s still having a hard time saying it out loud). Jelena then revealed her “darkest secret” to Raquel, which was that she’s terrified of being alone, before they engaged in a teary hug. Jelena was the last person to see Raquel alive.

The episode ended on a more sinister note, with Oscar revealing to Lionel that he wants revenge, and that he plans to kill Sloane Hayes. We already knew he wasn’t really turning over a new leaf!

Next week is the season finale and it will probably be intense.


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