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Part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 reunion was your typical reality TV reunion shade-fest. Andy rehashed the biggest drama from the season. Surprisingly, there wasn’t that much intensity today, but the most popular moments that came up were, Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship, Phaedra’s shade masked as Southern Belle Charm, and Kenya’s antagonistic behavior toward Kim. Let’s get into the shady analysis.

Phaedra is the Queen of Shade

Phaedra Parks has been the shadiest of them all for a while now, but she definitely won the Shade Olympics this season with Nene out of the picture, and she has a new nickname—Shaedra Parks.


On the flipside, Kim could use some shade school, but then again, she literally just learned what shade was.

Kim is Out of Her Element

Captain Obvious has long brought us that memo, but Andy just had to go there anyway. Andy asked the other women in the cast what they thought about Kim being a part of the show, and they all unanimously agreed that Kim doesn’t belong. The main reason they think Kim doesn’t belong is because she’s not into clapping back and acting rowdy when people get up in her face. This is true, but really, Kim is a swan among pigeons. However, she tossed herself into that situation, which resulted in everyone wanting to know what the heck she was doing on the show.

But you know what? She landed a new gig on Dancing With the Stars, so there’s probably a method to this madness. We can probably expect more announcements soon and…Kim finally crossing over from Black Famous to mainstream, or a more appropriate reality show on OWN featuring just she and her family.

Kandi and Phaedra Just Aren’t Friends Anymore

The drama in their friendship (or lack thereof) came up again and they are on two completely different pages. Kandi says she’s not sure where they stand because Phaedra is still acting shady. Phaedra claims she has taken steps to show Kandi that she wants that ol’ thang back (like visiting Kandi after Cash was born, and bringing her flowers), but she also mentioned, once again, feeling some type of way about Apollo’s things being at Kandi’s house. We’re still not sure why Phaedra is upset about this but whatever, all signs point to the friendship being damaged beyond repair. It seems that every time Kandi and Phaedra seemingly have a heart to heart, Phaedra ruins it by saying something shady about Kandi or even Todd behind Kandi’s back. That is not what being a friend is about.

Kenya Still Ain’t Ish

So, we all know that Kenya has been bullying Kim this entire season. We also know that Kenya likes to throw rocks and then hide her hand. However, in Kenya’s mind, Kim has been condescending and somehow seems to deserve her wrath. In reality, we’re over Kenya’s madness. Basically, she poked Kim throughout the entire episode, in what was clearly an attempt to get Kim to act out of character (clearly, the Porsha beat down that taught her nothing), as Andy covered topics like Cynthia’s commercial. Kenya kept trying to play Kim by insinuating that she hasn’t acted since the 90s. Andy perfectly pointed out that Kenya was Miss America Miss USA in the 90s. Meanwhile, Kim has been working recently as a director.


The general consensus is that Kenya is jealous. Given what Kim has that Kenya wants—a loving husband, a real career and children—that’s not hard to believe. It’s either that or Kenya tried out for Regine on Living Single and didn’t get the part. Kenya thinks she’s so classy, but her behavior is trite and we’re all over it.

Anyway, next week, the men will get into the mix and things will get even more heated.


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