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President Obama

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Today, President Barack Obama, our American heartthrob, met with Canada’s heartthrob: Justin Trudeau. 

POTUS admitted that he was surprised how thirsty we were to see the “quite good looking” Prime Minister. “I’ve never seen so many Americans excited by the visit form the Canadian Prime Minister,” he said.

He’s right, never has Canada produced a leader so fine.

To “rejuvenate US-Canada ties” the two spent the day taking long walks, holding babies and talking about to how bridge to two nations together.

And to show his gratitude, POTUS pulled out all the stops with a “full military band and ceremonial guard on the South Lawn, making the recently elected prime minister the first Canadian leader in 20 years to receive an official-level visit, Yahoo News wrote. When you think about, this meeting of minds makes total sense given how similar the two on health care, racial inclusion, LGBT rights and climate change. 

Obama swooned over Trudeau saying, “I look forward to the opportunity to speak directly to the Canadian people about the extraordinary future that we can build together.” Trudeau also reciprocated Obama’s compliments, describing POTUS as a “man of both tremendous heart and tremendous intellect.”

Even John Kerry got his school boy crush on:

After a day out of numerous outings around D.C., POTUS hosted a State Dinner for Trudeau,  where he invited celebs such as Mike Myers, Ryan Reynolds, Michael J. Fox and Blake Lively. 

Oh, did we mention that the First Ladies met up rocking matching floral gowns?

In the end, it was all love; all about the bromance:

Poor Vice President Joe Biden, we hope he wasn’t caught up in his feelings:

Don’t worry boo, Obama still loves you.

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