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In another scandalous episode of Hit The Floor, Ahsha finally comes to terms with the fact that she wants to be with Derek. Like…for real, for real this time. She is even okay with risking her career for him. She still doesn’t seem to be wondering where her mother is though…

Speaking of Sloane, she is still locked up for Olivia’s murder. It’s not looking too good for her, but she does at least manage to get out on bail.

Jelena is freaking out about Terrence’s baby. She tells Terrence that the kid isn’t his, blood test or not (and even threatened Renee), because she doesn’t want them to look like stereotypes with everything they have riding on them (with the arena purchase and with trying to buy the devils). Terrence reminds her that it doesn’t work that way with babies, and that he plans to be there for his child, but she doesn’t care. She’s hell bent on making that baby and its mama go away somehow, probably just stopping short of murder.

In other Jelena and Terrence news, Jelena wants Derek and Terrence to mend their relationship because they need Derek as a partner in order to purchase the Devils. Jelena asks Ahsha if she could persuade Derek to at least talk to Terrence and Ahsha agrees…but only if she gets captain. Jelena is so desperate that she agrees to make Ahsha captain. However, when Ahsha informs Jelena that Derek will only talk to Terrence for five minutes Jelena gets pissed and informs her that her mom is being charged with killing Olivia just out of spite. Ahsha then goes looking for German who is, of course, MIA.

Terrence apologizes to Derek and even asks him to be his child’s godfather. It seems like a sincere apology, and after some careful consideration, Derek accepts the apology and agrees to be a partner in purchasing the Devils.

Sloane, now out on bail, goes to see Oscar for clues, but that doesn’t go well. He simply taunts her and then tells her to question Ahsha about what happened to Olivia since there was some unfinished business between them. As we know, Olivia planned to blackmail Ahsha, but German got to Olivia first because he intercepted the red letter. Later on, Ahsha gets word that German is at the arena and leaves a voicemail on his phone urging him to confess.

Back to the Jelena, Terrence and Renee saga…

It turns out that Renee actually did lie about being pregnant with Terrence’s child. Jelena did some digging and found out that Renee had a cousin at the lab where she got the DNA test, so you know what that means. Renee, backed in a corner, confesses that the baby isn’t Terrence’s after all. He is crushed, and it makes him realize how much he wants kids, while his wicked witch fiancee would rather not ever have to be a mother.

The episode ends with Ahsha and Derek arriving at the police station so that Ahsha can drop the dime, but German had been there waiting for for their arrival before he finally made his presence known by confessing instead of waiting for Ahsha to do it.

It sucks that German, of all people on this show who are actually evil, might be facing severe punishment. I mean, killing someone isn’t cool, but it really does seem like it was an accident. Hopefully the judge will have some leniency upon hearing his story.

We’ll see what happens next week.


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