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O.J. Simpson outside Santa Monica courthouse Friday.

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This is a freakin’ jaw dropper.

TMZ reports a buried knife was found on the Simpson estate several years ago. Sources say the knife was discovered anywhere from “several years ago” to sometime in the late 90s when the house was torn down.

According to reports, a construction worker took the knife to an off duty cop. Then this cop did some f*ck boy sh*t: he kept the knife for years!

Think about it! All the DNA! All the answers, chillin’ in someone’s crib for years!

(Okay, we’re super passionate about this because we’ve all been watching The People Vs. Oj Simpson like religiously, so bear with us).

Anyway, fast forward to late January of this year, and the cop contacts a friend at the LAPD. He expressed to him his plans to have the knife FRAMED AND PUT ON A WALL. Outrageous!

The good LAPD officer told his bosses, and now the knife is being tested for DNA and other evidence next week.

Now, OJ can’t be tried again, because double jeopardy, but this would definitely be a huge breakthrough in the over 20 year old whodunnit case.


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