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I have always been a huge fan of retro hairstyles and my all time favorite is finger waves.  This look rose to fame in the 1920s as a classic way to add over the top glam to any look. That’s exactly what Marc Jacobs did by having his models channel their inner Josephine Baker as they stormed the runways of New York Fashion Week.

Marc Jacobs - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Source: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho / Getty

This hairstyle is reemerging as it did in the 90s.  Watching the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2016 show gave me flashbacks of my mother and I spending our Saturday mornings in the salon getting our finger waves laid.

Though Marc Jacobs’ models wore their hard waves with a middle part, a lot like my mother and I often did in the 90s, one can modernize this look via a softer finger wave with a side part.  Keep reading to learn how to achieve this sexy retro style with a modern twist!

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Separate your hair into two sections by making an ear to ear part and clip off the front half for later.  In the back, you are going to take large sections and curl them with a medium size barrel curling iron(Pin-curling each section immediately after.)  I’m using one of my favorite hair tools Hot Tools Titanium 1″ curling iron.  Be sure to always curl your hair the same way and this will ensure your waves are set in the same direction.  For this style, I curled the hair under while continuously wrapping it around the barrel.  Once you decide which side you want your part on in the front of the head, you are going to take smaller sections and make tighter curls going in the same direction as the curls in the back. (pin-curling the sections immediately after.)

Now that all your curls in the front are done and pinned give them a moment to set while you take out all the pin-curls in the back. Spray the curls with hairspray. I am using the “Touchable Hold Hairspray” by Amika because it is perfect for styles that need a flexible hold.  Use a wide tooth comb to get those curls in formation and you will instantly see loose waves appear.

Starting with the smaller side of the part, you are going to take out your pins, spray your curls with hairspray, and just like you did with the back lightly comb curls with a wide tooth comb and watch the waves come together.  This next part may sound complicated but the pictures will show you how to enhance the wave pattern that is already in the hair.  To simplify this explanation we will refer to the two main parts of the finger waves as a peak(the higher part of the wave that is somewhat lifted up) and valley (the lower part that is curving in a “c” formation.)

Following the pattern of the wave that is already there, put your middle fingers in the first valley closest to the part and using your fine tooth comb scrunch the peak of the wave up towards the middle finger and then place your index finger in the valley below the comb. Replace your fingers with duck bill clips( if you put them in upside down it will help prevent indentations from the clip.) Continue this pattern until you get down to the area around your ear.  Repeat these steps on the other section in the front.

While the clips are still in place thoroughly spray with hairspray, take out clips, and spray again.  Ladies we are almost done and I’m sure you are already loving what you are seeing in the mirror, I know I am.

So these final steps are a matter of preference.  There are so many things you could do with this look from here, including leaving the hair down, but I love to do the most, so I am adding a modern twist to it.  Gather the ends of your hair towards larger side of the part, roll hair up, and loosely pin using your hairpins to keep everything in place.

You are ready to slay another day and I know these glamorous waves are sure to turn heads. So don’t be selfish ladies, spread the word and tell all your admirers to head over to Hello Beautiful to get the look. Tag your photos #SoBeautiful for a chance to be featured on the ‘Gram!


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