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Man Sues Hotel After He ‘Accidentally’ Molests Little Girl

Daniel Hughes is looking for restitutions from the luxury hotel brand the Ritz-Carlton after a room mixup has seemingly changed his life. While on a business trip, Hughes stayed in several hotel rooms during the week. He was assigned to room 811 in the Ritz, but got the numbers mixed up and tried his key in room 1611. When his key for room 811 didn’t work, he went to the front desk, which gave him a copy of the key for 1611. The staff didn’t check his ID or didn’t look up his name and room number in hotel files, he claimed. Upon entering the room, he got naked and got in bed with a 9-year-old girl. Supposedly, Hughes thought it was the woman he had met at the bar earlier that evening who was sleeping in room 811. The 42-year-old was charged with three counts of child molestation and one count of statutory sodomy, but was cleared of all charges during a 2014 trial. While he no longer has the criminal record, he lost his job in the midst of the trial is seeking at least $1 million in damages from the hotel. NY Daily News

After 55 Years On The Run, Felon Won’t Face Jail Time

Receiving social security benefits recently got William Harold Cox in trouble with the law. It was because Cox’s real name is Frank Freshwaters and the 79-year-old is a convicted felon. For the past 55 years, Freshwaters has been able to evade the law after being convicted of manslaughter in 1957, when he struck and killed pedestrian Eugene Flynt, 24. In 1959 he disappeared from a prison camp and has been on the run ever since. An Ohio board recently voted to grant him parole. The son of Flynt’s victim, Richard is disappointed in the ruling and believes Freshwaters should be held accountable for his crime. Freshwater’s son, Lloyd who was born months after his father’s incident in 1957 expressed his sympathy to the victim’s family. “I’d like to apologize to Mr. (Richard) Flynt for the loss of his father because I can relate,” said Lloyd. Washington Post

Passengers Clap When Boy Is Removed From Flight Due To Allergies

On the return trip from Washington to Phoenix aboard Allegiant Flight 171, a little boy named Gio had a severe allergic reaction to a service dog on the flight. His father had recently been diagnosed with stage-4, terminal brain cancer and the family was on a “bucket list” trip. When Gio began breaking out the flight staff consulted with a physician on call for medical emergencies. It was advised that the family take another flight. By the time the family debarked from the plane, passengers had been delayed 90 minutes. As the they exited the aircraft, people reportedly cheered and some people even laughed at the 7-year-old which made him cry and yell out “I’m sorry”. Allegiant Airlines wasn’t able to get the family home until two days later. The company has since expressed their sympathies. “It’s definitely a really sad situation.”said airline spokeswoman Kim Schaefer, “We are deeply regretful” she added. NBC5

GOP Debate Has Surprising Outcome 

During the 10th Republican Presidential debate, Trump wasn’t declared the overall winner. Surprisingly, Marc Rubio stepped up with quick jabs that made him the star of the evening. Apparently, it’s really starting to sink in to the candidates that at present, Donald Trump seems to be the most likely to win the party’s nomination. With last night’s performance, he seems to be Trump’s main competitor ahead of the next primary. According to the Washington Post, while Trump is known for sly, tweetable remarks, Rubio got the better of Trump on several occasions; the Florida senator found ways to embarrass and mock Trump, which is something no one in any previous debate has been able to do. Rubio also effectively exposed the thinness of Trump’s policy solutions especially on health care. Washington Post


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