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I don’t have to tell you that saving money is so important, but I’m going to do it anyway. Because it really is one of the single most important things you can do for yourself. Whether it is an emergency fund or retirement account, having money set aside gives you peace-of-mind about your golden years or allows you to respond in the event of an emergency like a job loss or prolonged illness.

But even knowing this, the same question gets asked: How do I save? Where do I get the money to save? After I pay bills there is nothing left to save. Well, here are a few tips on places to look when trying to save money.

Cable, Cell Phone and Internet.

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I know this from personal experience. I went through my cable bill one evening and realized that I had almost every premium channel! Channels I wasn’t even watching! I called the cable company and canceled them and immediately saved $180.00! Take a moment and go through those bills. Oftentimes, if you get a “package” there will be channels or services that come with it that if you don’t expressly opt out, you will end up paying for.


And no, I am not saying buy less (unless you really need to), but I am saying shop better. Use coupons, be on the lookout for store sales, and plan those shopping trips. You can save so much money on groceries if you plan ahead. Many stores have “stock up” sales where the basics (milk, bread, soup, meat) are on major discount. Do your big shopping during times like these and see how much money you keep in your wallet!

Spending Money At Work

Start bringing lunch to work as much as you can stand it. Keep snacks in your desk for the 3pm slow down, and keep your brand of coffee at the office. Think of all of the money you will be saving as your motivation.

Not Having A Way To Bring In Extra Cash

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I say this over and over again. Everyone needs a side job! We all have skills we can turn into extra money. Editing manuscripts, writing resumes, organizing closets, even dog walking. Sit down and figure out what you can do within your schedule to bring in extra cash.

There is nothing like saving money and watching that money grow. Living from paycheck to paycheck is no way to live. Put yourself on the road to financial health and start saving money now.

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