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The fashion industry’s black sheep, Kanye West, showed his third collection during New York Fashion Week and what was most exciting was not the clothes, but who attended.

Of course, the Kardashian clan, led by North West and the only one with a real fashion job: Kendall Jenner.

Even Caitlyn Jenner hung out backstage to help Kanye relax from any pre-show nerves.

A family that stays together slays together. Yeezus brought Lamar Odom back to life, out of rehab, and sitting next to Khloe. It’s all in the name of fashion.

…and for himself, too. (Of course)

Gigi and Bella Hadid showed up as well. Bella couldn’t even bare to watch this fashion suicide. Of course, they didn’t walk in this show. Why? Because they are serious models.

However, Naomi Campbell did. (Damn that black card and the responsibility to help out your brothers and sisters).

He even let guests listen to his entire new album.

But all of this fandom and hoopla does not change the fact that this show looked like a scene out of Hunger Games, with Kanye volunteering himself as tribute.

Between the stardom and the music and Lamar coming back to life and Kim looking like she channeled a version of Lil’ Kim and even the real Lil’ Kim showing up for the occasion, it does not change this one fact: Kanye West is no fashion designer.

The clothes are drab and not in a “neutral palate” type of way. The collection doesn’t really flow together and the only place you might catch me in this slave mess is at the gym.

We praise him, we encourage him and we are leading him on like a virgin with her pants off during a heavy makeout session in the back seat of a car. Kanye West is not penetrating the fashion industry. No matter what he does, who he knows, how many times he is seated next to Anna Wintour, he just doesn’t have the talent as a designer.

Both Kim AND Anna don’t look impressed. Somebody tell this man the truth. Does Kanye West have any real friends in the fashion industry? Ones that will send him back to start over?

Olivier Rousteing…it might have to be you. Kris Jenner is already starting to plan how she can monetize around his fashion industry exit.

Kanye West has music, art, cultural expression, Twitter rants….soooo many other things he’s good at, yet he chooses to continue to make a mockery of himself in fashion. It’s bad…really bad and I don’t know why no one will tell him. It looks like modernized slave clothes – that’s not anyone hating, that’s the truth. Fashion is your hobby, boo. Don’t quit your day job (music).


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