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Oscar is still coming for Sloane and Ahsha’s necks, so Pete is making them take extra precautions. The latest chess move was for Ahsha to move in with German while Sloane gets a security guard, a gun and some shooting lessons.

Jelena and Terrence ended up agreeing to trade Derek to another team as per Zero’s threat, but that isn’t set in stone yet because they have to buy the team first, and still need a financial backer. They’re still working on that part, though. Zero, being the grimy guy that he is, passes the information about the deal he made with them to Jude, who then tells Lionel. She already doesn’t like Jelena, but this is the last straw, so she’s going to make Jelena pay, starting with giving Ahsha $200,000 to put together a major dance spot in Las Vegas for a national lottery announcement.

Jelena and Terrence then go to Pete Davenport, of all people, to see if he’d be a backer for them. Pete doesn’t really rock with them like that, but he agrees because he wants to remove the Kincaids from the Devils for good for the sake of protecting Ahsha and Sloane. The only thing now is to get Sloane on board.

Terrence, the nice guy that he is, tried to get Sloane in line with the deal, but she wasn’t with it seeing as how Jelena is the devil (no pun intended) and has crossed both she and her daughter, but it looks like Terrence, Jelena and Pete might move forward with trying to push the deal forward anyway. They call a secret meeting with the league, and Lionel isn’t invited, but in this world nothing is really a secret.

Later on in the episode, Lionel and Derek crash the secret meeting called by Terrence, Jelena and Pete, and shuts them down. In other words, the Kincaids are still in and Derek won’t get traded, but he now how beef with Terrence. Major fail.

Back in Vegas, the inevitable happens. Derek and Ahsha get it on in a passionate scene. The next morning, Ahsha is guilt-ridden and feels like she should tell German. Derek tells her that German will definitely break up with her if she tells him. This is exactly what Derek wants so really, it’s about Ahsha trying to figure out what she wants to do.

Meanwhile, the security guard hired to protect Sloane quits because Oscar threatened his daughter. She later informs Pete that she’s going into protective custody until the trial is over so she’ll probably be gone for a while.

The episode winds down at another game, but this one is extra scandalous because Ahsha finds out about German’s accident (caused by German deciding to run himself off the road) and rushes to his side, while Zero randomly decides to come out of the closet by kissing Jude in front of the crowd. Knowing Zero, we know this isn’t really about love, but only time will tell how this fits into his revenge plot against Jelena.

Ahsha’s naïve self runs home to see German and almost confesses that she slept with Derek out of fear that this is the distraction that caused the accident, but before she gets that death blow of a secret out, German reveals that he killed Olivia, which is why he had been acting so strange and uptight.

Now the plot really thickens. German killed someone to protect Ahsha. Will she stick it out and keep her mouth shut or have another discretion with Derek?

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