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Will Smith spoke to BBC Radio 1 about the moment he deplaned his flight in Thailand to find out his wife had caused international stir with her #OscarsBoycott video. Some critics of her impassioned plea called “foul,” claiming she was only doing this because she was bitter her husband wasn’t nominated.

Will defended his wife explaining, “If I had been the only person of color that had been nominated, my wife would have made two videos. She would not have gone with me. Trust.”

We know Jada stays woke on social issues, but it seems pretty incredible she would miss out on an opportunity to see her husband nab his first golden statue in person.

But that shows just how passionate she is about this cause.

The actor goes on to express that #OscarsSoWhite is deeper than the awards show and Hollywood recognition:

“This is not a civil-rights issue. This is not black and white. This is about diversity,” he said. “The images that we deliver from Hollywood have to push America. Diversity is the American superpower. That’s what makes us great.”

You can watch more of the interview below:


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