After months of everyone trying to figure out exactly what went down during the Rihanna/Chris Brown brawl, it looks like someone is finally speaking out.

According to, one of Chris Brown’s former girlfriends is speaking out on the incident:

Here’s what one of Chris’ former girlfriends – and current friend – a woman named Yanni said in her video blog:

I was [with Chris Brown] before Rih Rih. I had him when he was fresh … [we dated] for like a year and a half.

Rihanna to testify against Chris Brown

Here’s her take on the incident:

See nobody’s showing the picture of Chris’ face [after the incident]. Nobody’s showing his face picture – [Rihanna] fu*ked him up. Scraped down the side of his face, busted up nose, face bleeding. Nobody is saying how she fu*ked him up.

They’re only trying to make Rihanna [??] look bad and I do not like that because she’s trying to be the victim … and she’s been fu*cking [Chris] up for a minute. She stay fighting him – like all the time.

Her mouth is reckless. She be embarrassing him in front of people … And I hate the fact that her and her friends and her publicist tried to go out there and make [Chris] look like just whooped her azz for no reason.

Chris is not the type of [man] to beat a b*tch azz. I know the n*gga … He’s got an anger problem, but it’s never to beat nobody’s azz like that.

Click here to see what Yanni has to say.  It all starts at the 25:00 minute mark.

And there’s more:

[Chris] turned around and smacked the sh*t out that b*tch. All he did was hit her once … The only reason [Rihanna] got that knot on her forehead is that … [Chris] stopped the car and her head banged into the [dashboard].

YEAH OKAY!!!!!  That’s like saying he walked into a door!!!

Rihanna and Chris Brown in bed

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