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Premiere Of VH1's 'Hit The Floor' Season 3 - Arrivals

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An episode of Hit the Floor is never without scandal. Tonight’s episode was dry, but that’s because the chips are starting to line up for major drama and more shady revelations to come to light.

Ahsha doesn’t know that German killed Olivia for her so she’s taken aback by the dream he had where he woke up in the middle of the night repeatedly yelling Olivia’s name. He made up a good enough lie when she questioned him about it, but this ain’t over.

In better Ahsha news, she got an offer to join a dance team in Boston, but of course, she’s conflicted about moving across country. She gets blessings from German and her mom, but it is a major step. Will she take the leap?

In Jelena’s world, she and Terrence have the inside track to buying the devils, but they can’t get the partner they need if Jelena doesn’t get a hold of her mother’s 10% ownership of the team. Jelena, during an awkward meeting, tries to convince her mom to give it the stake, but mom is more interested in the rock on Jelena’s finger, and says she might consider giving it up if Jelena allows her to plan at least one thing wedding-related.

Later on we find Jelena dress shopping with her mom, and the entire situation is painful. Jelena is still harboring bitter feelings about how her mom allowed herself to be abused by her father and subsequently exposed her to an abusive man. All is not forgiven and Jelena lets it be known by going off on her mother for trying to pretend that everything is all gravy. Jelena can be hurtful, as you know, and this time, her outburst was enough to make her mom feel bad enough to give up the 10% and offer to never call her again. Jelena wins, once again. This is getting old.

Back to Ahsha…

She made the final decision to go to Boston, and breaking the news to German is easier than she thought because he decides to move with her.

Lionel pays Derek a visit to try to get him to sign with the Devils, which she has been doing relentlessly since this season started. In this moment she realizes that he has been playing hardball because of Ahsha’s absence from the Devils, and that’s when she drops the bomb that Ahsha is moving to Boston. She figured it out because German gave his notice to HR. The look on Derek’s face is priceless, but he’s not giving up Ahsha without a fight. Eventually, he gathers his thoughts and tells Lionel that he’ll sign under the condition that Ahsha returns. This is where the plot thickens…kind of. The show is basically about Ahsha, of course she wasn’t just going to leave like that.

The episode ends with Salone getting kidnapped. This definitely has to do with her sabotaging Oscar. Looks like he might make good on his promise to get revenge, and she might pay with her life.


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