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Steve Harvey is speaking up and showing his support for Bill Cosby amidst his salacious sexual assault scandals that have all but ruined the 78-year-old comedian’s career.

“It is what it is,” said Steve. “Bill Cosby taught me something when I first got started. He said, ‘Steve you have the ability to make people laugh. And once you make people laugh, you have their attention…You have to be careful with the power.”

In his interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Steve went on to say that he still talks to Cosby throughout his ordeal. “He has been a friend of mine. He has been a friend to my children That’s the man I know. I don’t know what it is. I would love to believe none of it were true, but I’m not the judge and jury on this one. Wherever the chips fall, he is my friend.”

Has Steve asked Cosby about the alleged sexual assaults? “I don’t bring up the subject. What do I say to him, “Hang in there?” Have you ever been in trouble and someone told you ‘Hang in there?'”

The “Think Like A Man” author also weighed in on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy where no African American actors were nominated for the coveted award. When asked if he thinks Chris Rock should step down as the host of the Academy Awards to show his support for the black community, Steve said, “I understand the boycott. I understand what they’re saying. What I don’t understand is asking Chris Rock not to host.”

He added, “I think Chris Rock should host. Chris Rock doesn’t determine who the [nominees] are. The Academy does. And nobody knows who the Academy is.”

While Steve retired from stand-up comedy in 2012 after 27-years of telling jokes, he had a hilarious analogy that reiterated that diversity has always been an issue in TV and film.

“How the hell did you have Friends in New York, and none of them [are] black? You have no black friends in New York? If you’re in Rhode Island, I’d let it slide” he said.


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