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Jennifer Lawrence sparkled her way onto the Hollywood scene with her Leave It To Beaver neighborhood girl looks and sporty charm.

After the newcomer snagged the role of ‘Katniss’ in the epic Hunger Games series, the ingenue was lauded with critical acclaim for her roles in Silver Lining’s Playbook and most recently, Joy.

While her unintimidating looks and simple presence may dazzle Tinsel Town, her mean girl antics are not getting by me.

I was shocked to see her drag this reporter after her post Golden Globe win:


Her pseudo empowered clap back was actually just f*cking rude for a couple of reasons:

1.)  Reporters are always reading off of and recording on their phones. This had nothing to do with not being “present.” People forget that reporters aren’t just prancing around the red carpet ogling at celebrities, they are at work. That means they are capturing moments on Instagram, sending sound bites to their bosses, trying to act as camera man and sound guy while trying to look cool, calm and collected in front of A-list stars. It’s not easy! And all this coverage, all this media fanfare, is for you Jennifer. So you can stay relevant and sought after. Don’t forget that.

2.) Did anyone else get the sense his question was leading to how she expects the Oscars to pan out given her Golden Globe win? I’m sure he knew which award show he was attending. This isn’t some crumby low-grade award show, this is the Golden Globes! That means exclusive access to only the most qualified journalists in the biz.

3.) The reporter was also foreign, which means he was probably balancing many roles while possibly translating questions and recording. Where’s your patience, J-Law?

Somewhere in between being cast in reoccuring girl-next-door roles and grabbing golden statues, the actress seems to have lost that sweetness that the whole world seemed to relate to.

While she has the right to transform into whoever she wants to be, one thing you shouldn’t lose is basic respect for others.

It’s clear the actress was more caught up in her cool dry humor, than the effects of publicly humiliating a reporter in front of his peers.


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